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Experimenting with my mom’s 27-year-old luggage

Experimenting with my mom’s 27-year-old luggage

Recently, I went to Bohol with airasia Super App and a few media friends to celebrate the Sandugo Festival face-to-face after two years of lockdown. I usually bring a backpack during three-day trips. However, due to the number of clothes that I would need during this trip, I decided to bring my mom’s 27-year-old luggage. Yes, it’s 27 years old. It’s even older than me.

Experimenting with my mom’s 27-year-old luggage

My mom bought luggage from Delsey for her Hong Kong trip in 1995. The brand has been around since 1946, accompanying travelers from all around the world on their travels. During my trip to Bohol, I brought at least three outfits for the three-day trip.

One for my day outfit, the second for an extra set because I really don’t like staying in sweaty clothing, and the third pair for dinner. Of course, I added a few things for swimwear, underwear, and sleepwear. So, naturally, it wouldn’t fit in the backpack just like I planned to.

The 27-year-old luggage.

The luggage has four zippers outside. One is for the main luggage, and the second and third ones are used for the pockets. Meanwhile, the fourth one is what actually surprised me. When we were about to go back home from the trip, I thought I had packed a little too heavily. When I unzipped the fourth one, it extended the luggage and allowed me to put other more things inside. Inside the luggage, there are a few more pockets for more storage.

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Although I like to keep things organized, I’m usually messy when it comes to my own things. I just throw everything inside the luggage and be done with it. Especially since the trip required us to come and go as quickly as we can. So, keeping everything organized wouldn’t do it for me. Having these zippers and storage everywhere just made it all better.

So, what is my experiment all about? To be honest, the experiment will go as long as it can. I just want to know how this luggage which is almost three decades old will last with me. I’m a very careless person. So, the fact that it survived an entire three-day trip with me was unbelievable. I plan on using this luggage as I go on more trips.

Let’s make it an experiment and tune in to my Instagram to find out whether or not I accidentally break it. LOL!

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