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Expect Zoom Christmas parties this year amid a pandemic

Expect Zoom Christmas parties this year amid a pandemic

Businesses whose offices remained closed due to the pandemic has started to organize virtual Christmas parties through Zoom. They’re pretty sure that a vaccine will arrive a little too late for office parties and everyone might not be able to afford it. So, companies have invested in digital events and activities. Of course, this includes food deliveries, workshops, and live entertainment. 


Expect Zoom Christmas parties this year amid a pandemic

Working from home has made most people feel secluded and isolated. Aside from promoting work-life balance among employees and supporting employee-led initiatives, companies have set to boost morale with Zoom Christmas parties. Some companies pivoted from organizing events at large venues to hosting virtual parties with a difference.

Employees, then, can select an entrance experience and then choose from more than thirty immersive rooms, from burlesque to dance floors. Guests can also move between rooms using a clickable party map, showing the different performances and where the guests are. Tired of online quizzes? Escape rooms and other immersive experiences also remain available.

Interactive workshops and live entertainment thru Zoom

Other companies arranged interactive workshops for their employees who currently work from home. With such a great way for firms to boost morale, the whole team would surely enjoy it. This shows the employers’ interest in their employees’ wellbeing. Live entertainment, on the other hand, has been halted ever since the pandemic started. 

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Lockdowns shut live entertainment venues and private gigs have started to hold online for virtual office parties. Of course, performances have varied from traditional stand-up to interactive quizzes. When a company moves online virtually, the social side has to as well. As of now, comedy is needed more than ever during such a challenging time. 


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