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Duterte recalls IATF rule allowing minors to go out in MGCQ areas

Duterte recalls IATF rule allowing minors to go out in MGCQ areas

Now that there are lesser restrictions on traveling and recreation, people are starting to think that perhaps they bring their kids to the mall. But this impression might be wrong. Yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte took back the government’s decision to allow children aging 10 to 14 years old to leave their houses.


For the safety of the Filipino children from the new virus strain

There was a previous decision to allow children aged 10 to 14 to go out with their parents or guardians. The idea behind this is to balance health and the economy.

In a pre-recorded speech that night, the President expressed worries over the new Covid-19 variant that has already been detected in some parts of the country. He added, “Pasensya na po kayo, mine is just a precaution. Takot lang ako, kasi itong bagong strain strikes young children.”

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Some of the COVID-19 patients found with the latest variant in Bontoc, Mountain Province are really young. One is five years old while the other one is 10 years old. He said that the strain in Cordillera is quite similar to the strain discovered in the United Kingdom. He doesn’t have an idea how it got there and then concluded, “Balik ho kayo sa bahay muna (Just stay home for now).”

Once there’s a confirmation that children are at risk or vulnerable with the new strain, the order will continue. Duterte noted that everyone will be safe when the vaccine arrives in the country.

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According to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, The new coronavirus variant first detected in the UK was said to be more lethal than its predecessors. Meanwhile, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III also said on Monday the IATF will meet on Tuesday to talk about the new community quarantine classifications for February.

Do you guys agree with this move?

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