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Don’t have anything to wear? Style white shirts and look your best!

Don’t have anything to wear? Style white shirts and look your best!

It seems impossible to deny the dopamine rush that occurs when you buy fancy clothes. We frequently find ourselves returning to the more basic items in our wardrobes. Yes, we’re talking about the supremacy of white shirts here. Regardless of the time of year or your individual fashion sense, the plain white shirt can go a long way. Whether casual or formal setting, it won’t let you down and we are here to help you style them.

Don’t have anything to wear? Style white shirts and look your best!

white shirt and trousers

Navigating your clothes can be challenging at some point. Worry less and let your white shirt guide you. For a smart casual look, you can tuck the white tee into a pair of relaxed-leg, tapered trousers. This will give a glimpse of 1950s fashion. You can pair this with either a pair of white sneakers or loafers or even a classy pair of Oxfords. If the trousers are long enough, you can even put on a pair of combat boots for a cooler look. If you’re just going out for a simple errand, on the other hand, you can go for a pair of Birkenstocks for a relaxed look.

black leather jacket and blue jeans

Fashion during the 1950s had another side. So, if you are looking for an edgy look, this combo will suit you. Wear a classic leather jacket over a white shirt. On your bottom, choose denim jeans that fit comfortably for you. Just like the option above, you can wear white sneakers or a pair of combat boots for this look.

denim jacket and contrast jeans

Celebrities like James Dean made this dress combination popular. Yes, the classic outfit combo of a denim jacket and matching pants. Put a white shirt underneath the jacket to add contrast to add depth to the style. Lastly, wear a pair of contrasting pants to complete the appearance—dark-colored pants for a light denim jacket, and vice versa.

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light-colored blazer and dark-wash jeans

The combination of jeans and a blazer will always be immaculate and incredibly versatile. However, you should reconsider your assumptions if you believe this match can only be worn on casual occasions. The jeans and blazer plus a white shirt fit almost any occasion. Given the wide variety of jeans, blazers, and accessories available. And, just like the others, you can wear white sneakers, loafers, or some classy Oxfords.

sweater vest and pants of your choice

The fashion scene evolves quickly as a result of the growth of new social media platforms. Say hello to the “aesthetic” era and farewell to the slim fit era. Sweater vests, which until recently were thought to be an elderly man’s garment, lead the aesthetic vintage fashion. Tons of influencers embrace this style now and they do it by wearing a sweater vest with the traditional white shirt. For your bottom, wear some wide-leg pants. You can always count on the classic white sneakers to add a little bit of flair to the fit.

Now that you have some idea to style a white shirt, browse, purchase some, and style them to your heart’s content.

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