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Dimples Romana shares wise tips for those planning to be entrepreneurs

Dimples Romana shares wise tips for those planning to be entrepreneurs

Afternoon drama series Kadenang Ginto definitely knows Dimples Romana as the fabulous villain Daniela Mondragon. This veteran actress, on the other hand, proves that she can do more than acting. She ventures into business despite the pandemic as she opens a restaurant in Singapore.

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Dimples Romana starts launching businesses even with the pandemic crisis

Surprisingly, Dimples debuted the Alegria restaurant in Singapore despite uncertainties in the economy due to COVID-19. Just a month ago, she also announced her plan to open up a school for acting. She posted a photo of the partially done headquarters saying that the school will have the name Dimples Romana School for Acting and Personality Development. The actress aims to give opportunities to aspiring actors and actresses to hone their craft. Dimples said that in the future, she’ll invite fellow actors to mentor and share their knowledge in acting. In addition to this,  her new school will also teach techniques in hosting and personality development.

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Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

In an interview, Dimples Romana generously shared some tips for those who are dreaming to be business owners someday. First advice from her would be looking at one’s network before entering a venture.

“Una, look within yourself, your family, what do you have? Ano bang meron ka sa network mo, ‘di ba? Kumbaga, sino mga kakilala mo, sino ang pwede mong maging business partners na mapagkakatiwalaan mo. Kasi ‘pag nagtiwala ka sa heard-earned money mo para sa isang negosyo, kailangan tinatrato mong parang pamilya ‘yung mga business partners mo.”

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For those who are planning to start a food business, Dimples said that it’s important to find food that tickles the heart and the stomach.  In addition to this, the actress noted that one must do his/her research first in order for the business to succeed.

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“You have to really make sure to make decisions based on research. Sometimes, we want to play out of our gut, pero it pays to know the numbers, ano na ba ang realidad, ano ang nangyayari because I feel like we like to dream big and we like to work hard for our dreams but at the same time, we have to be very realistic.”

Lastly, Dimples explain that one must make sure that you put it in basket investments that will work for you. She said that entrepreneurs must diversify and put their eggs in different baskets. At the end of the day, if one investment failed, you still have some money left from other investments.

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