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DICT successfully launched six Emerging Technologies Workshops in partnership with Huawei Philippines

DICT successfully launched six Emerging Technologies Workshops in partnership with Huawei Philippines

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) partnered with Huawei Philippines. They successfully hosted six Emerging Technologies Workshops for government employees this year.

More than 700 government employees from the DICT and various agencies participated in the webinars.

Consequently, the six workshops on emerging technologies were held from June to November. It covered topics like 5G, Digital Economy, AI & Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity.

Assistant Secretary Alvin Navarro expressed gratitude to the DICT team and Huawei Philippines for making these workshops possible. The last Emerging Technology Workshop for this year discussed the Global Cyber Security Challenges and Governance Standards Introduction.

According to Mr. Alvin Navarro,

“Cybersecurity breaches affect us directly as individuals, as organizations, as a nation, and as a global community. Our personal accounts are hacked, and we can lose our identity and privacy.

Moreover, he continued by talking about other risks that they wanted to battle against.

“More than ever, understanding cyber threats and risks should be one of our priorities. And necessarily, the imperatives of cybersecurity should lead us to adopt and adhere to government standards. ”

At the end of the speech, Mr. Alvin Navarro mentioned that he is confident about something. He believed the participants will leave the workshops with a better understanding of what needed to be done. Of course, that is towards a digitally secure world.

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Daniel Guo, Vice President of Huawei Philippines, congratulated and expressed gratitude to DICT for mounting a very successful training series.

Meanwhile, he emphasized that Huawei aspires to deliver digital to every person, home, and organization. Above all, Guo hoped for a fully connected and intelligent world, contributing to the local ICT talent development in the Philippines.

As part of the culminating activity, DICT presented a certificate of appreciation to Huawei Philippines. They commended the Huawei team for successfully hosting the event.

Also, since Huawei shared its technical knowledge and use cases in Asia and around the world. The certificate was presented by Atty. Emily Manuel on behalf of DICT. 

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