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Devices that take your home to the next level

Devices that take your home to the next level

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Home improvement has never been more relevant, with everybody spending most of their time at home. It is important to keep your place comfortable. Thankfully, the rise of technology makes home improvement a heck of a lot easier.

With smart home devices, you can improve every aspect of your home. The examples are endless from the likes of smart security door lock systems to smart lighting! And now, we will take a look at some devices you can use to improve the comfort and livability of your home.

Time to modernize your home with smart speakers!

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You probably heard of a few good examples of smart speakers. HomePod, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home are the most familiar names. Between setting timers, reminders, and organizing your calendar, you can also pair it with other smart home devices!

Other functions that a smart speaker has is answering your questions, telling you the weather, making you a list, and even playing some music for you.

Some perfect spots for you to place a smart speaker in your house are the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Just think of the possibilities!

Worry less about your home’s security using IP cameras

An Internet Protocol camera or IP camera is an easy way to improve your home’s security. IP cameras are security cameras that you can connect to your phone. They are both convenient and easy to install.

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IP cameras provide the security feed directly to your phone. So, you can check up on your home anytime and anywhere, provided that both devices have internet access. Some IP cameras even come with built-in microphones and two-way audio function. This means that you can communicate with people in the house through the IP camera. Also, some features that you can find on other models are night vision and motion detection.

The robot cleaning companion for busy folks

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Robot vacuum cleaners are perfect for keeping your floor dust-free. They are perfect companions if you are too busy to be sweeping the floor, and your home can use one or two of these especially if you have furry pets running around.

Robot vacuum cleaners work by learning the layout of your home. In addition to lidar or cameras, these robot cleaners also use a number of other sensors including bump sensors, cliff sensors, and wall sensors.

Step up your movie nights with the family!

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A short-throw projector is great for when you have movie nights with the family. Short throw projectors don’t require a lot of distance to project a 100″ image onto a blank wall, they are also compact and can be connected remotely to your device using wi-fi. So, this makes it super convenient to use!

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Also, stepping it up on the holidays and keeping your family guests entertained in the living room with a good movie playing has never been easier.

Keep track of your home’s air quality!

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If you are conscious of the air quality inside your home or have asthma and allergies, then an air quality monitor is your best friend. Air quality monitors function through the use of different sensors. They can detect and measure different types of pollutants in the air and send you real-time updates.

However, cheap versions of this device can be unreliable so consider going for the expensive models with better quality. They will be worth it for your family and your home!

So, If you are running short on ideas to further improve your home, then definitely integrate modern technology in the form of smart home devices into your house. Because these devices are sure-fire ways to make your life easier!

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