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Darren Espanto bares it all Live on TikTok Exclusive

Darren Espanto bares it all Live on TikTok Exclusive

Asia’s Pop Heartthrob Darren Espanto got candid with fans who tuned in to his TikTok Live. The sought-after performer took to TikTok Exclusive to reconnect with fans after finally returning home following months spent in lockdown abroad. The now 20-year old Darren sported a new, more grown-up look, but remained casual and candid with fans who tuned in to his live stream on TikTok.

Darren Espanto bares it all Live on TikTok Exclusive

“I’m past my teenage years, and through life you’ll experience different things, and I guess I’ve been able to incorporate that in my own music which makes it a lot more mature, not just from the sound but also from the lyrics that are in it.”

One of the more recent life experiences that Darren talked about during the TikTok Exclusive was the time he spent in lockdown in Canada.

He and his mom left the Philippines on March 15, 2020, right when the community quarantine was announced. Darren shared that he became anxious over what would happen to performers during the pandemic. But, he also took his time abroad as an opportunity to bond with family members, his sister in particular.

Darren Espanto shared that the situation was better in Canada. However, it wasn’t always easy for their family since both his parents are medical frontliners. He recalled the times when his parents neeed to isolate. The day-to-day situation remained tense. And, it had become especially trying during the Christmastime – when the second wave happened. he and his sister couldn’t even get close to their parents over the holidays.

“You really have to appreciate the small things in life.”

His new appreciation for the simple things gave Darren a whole new perspective.

Canada made him miss not bening recognized when he would go out. He even shared a story about how he went to the grocery store in his pajamas, without anyone finding out who he was. Now back in Manila, Darren goes back to work with a new song to share with his fans.

During the TikTok Exclusive, he shared how excited he feels for everyone to watch the music video for Tama Na which will debut on June 20. Darren also sets to stage a comeback concert Home Run. This, on the other hand, will stream worldwide on June 19, at 8:00 PM. Then, it will have a special rerun on June 20 at 10:00 AM.

According to Darren, the evolution of one’s music doesn’t stop, even during a pandemic.

Darren recorded Tama Na over a video call with songwriter Zack Tabudlo. The latter, on the other hand, wrote the song in one day only. Asia’s Pop Heartthrob also said that this track remains different from anything he released before. He pointed out that this may feel more mature than his previous tracks as the song talks about letting go of toxic relationships.

During the TikTok’s Q&A Feature, a fan asked, “Kailan mo sasabihing Tama Na?” Darren responded with this:

“Kung medyo toxic na at parehas na kayong hindi masaya. You should learn to let go if it’s gonna be beneficial for the both of you.”

Darren Espanto also taught his viewers the steps for his Tama Na dance challenge on Tiktok. Of course, this easily became one of the highlights of his TikTok Exclusive. 

Having been in the showbiz industry for 7 years, Darren has learned a lot of important lessons. One is the importance of putting in the work. He shared,

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“You have to work hard for it if you really want something to happen. You can’t just wait for it to happen.”

Another valuable lesson, and one he would have wanted to share with the younger version of himself, is to refrain from sharing your entire life on social media. Instead, you should reserve some things for yourself. Darren added,

“Reserve a few things for the people who are close to you and people who you truly trust.”

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