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Celebrate the holidays leak-free with Jeunesse Anion Travel Kits

Celebrate the holidays leak-free with Jeunesse Anion Travel Kits

It’s already a few days before holiday events we look forward to and you are to attend your annual get-together-celebration. However, you’re still wondering what kind of present to give. Worry no more because Jeunesse got your back with their Anion Travel Kits!

These travel kits come in two different editions — with wings and non-wings. Also, one doesn’t have to worry about where to place them inside the bag as it already comes with a free pouch. Perfect for a week-long vacation (or more!) and a must-have travel companion for people who menstruate. An affordable, convenient, and thoughtful gift you could ever give!

With Wings Sanitary Napkin Edition

If you will give this as a present, you need to consider what kind of lifestyle your recipient has. For active users who love to work out, they need protection that would keep in place. Napkins with “wings” are designed to wrap the edges of the underwear to prevent leakage.

With that, Jeunesse offers Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad with Wings Sanitary Napkin that keeps the user moving without worries during “heavy days” and Jeunesse Sanitary Night Napkin for day to night protection.

Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad with Wings

Jeunesse Ultra Day Pad with Wings Sanitary Napkin

Jeunesse Sanitary Night Napkin

Non-Wings Sanitary Napkin Edition

On the other hand, those who menstruate have different preferences when it comes to pads. Some like it without those side leak guards. Because Jeunesse believes that “each woman is unique,” it comes prepared.

Of course, this travel kit edition has its Jeunesse Anion Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Non-Wing Sanitary Napkin to keep moving with confidence. However, one of the biggest concerns when on a menstrual period is how to deal with it while asleep. To solve that problem, Jeunesse Anion All Night Sanitary Napkin pledges better mornings as it gives no stain even with heavy flows.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Non-Wing

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Non-Wing Sanitary Napkin

Other than that, both travel kits include Jeunesse Anion Panty Liner suitable for “pahabol” and “in-between” period days.

Jeunesse Anion Panty Liners

Jeunesse uses anion chip to help those who menstruate deal with cramps and dysmenorrhea

Dealing with period pains is inevitable during menstruation but Jeunesse got you covered. All of its products have built-in anion strips that emit negative ions that alleviate period discomfort and fight bacteria.

In fact, a mother and lifestyle blogger Janine said in a review that the anion chip helps the pain be bearable enough compared to other brands she used.

“One of the positive effects that the anion brings is it really helps in minimizing the discomfort from the menstrual cramps and dysmenorrhea I experience monthly.”

What are you waiting for? Go grab these sets in selected stores and have yourself or others spend the next days carefree! You can place your order on Shopee and Lazada for an easier transaction. To learn more about their products, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @jeunesseanion. You can also visit their website here.

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