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Bailey Sarian’s video was better than the ‘American Murder’ Netflix documentary

Bailey Sarian’s video was better than the ‘American Murder’ Netflix documentary

Just in case you didn’t know, Bailey Sarian has gained a reputation of talking about murder mysteries while doing her makeup. She does this under her YouTube channel’s Murder, Mystery, & Makeup series. In January 2019, she dropped a 27-minute video regarding Chris Watts who murdered his pregnant wife Shannan Watts, and their two daughters, Bela and Cece.


Netflix recently dropped a documentary film with the same topic under the title American Murder: The Family Next Door. Unfortunately, people were quick to note that the production missed out on important points. Needless to say, Sarian’s video has more details about this case than the actual documentary film.

Bailey Sarian talks about details that went missing on Netflix’s documentary.

Sarian dissected the 2000-page discovery of the criminal case. Of course, this includes court documents, interviews, and a case timeline. She also clarified that everything she talked about in the video came from the discovery. Then, she continued to explain details that we never got to see from the one-hour-and-a-half Netflix documentary.

Shannan’s social media presence.

After the Netflix documentary went public, everybody started sharing Shannan’s old posts where she celebrates her love for her husband and two daughters. However, it was never explained why Shannan had such a huge social media presence. In Sarian’s video, on the other hand, she explained that social media was actually part of Shannan’s job.

She works in a multi-level marketing company. Aside from posting photos of her husband and her kids, she would hold Facebook lives. During the live sessions, she would show clients new products that they could purchase. Through her social media, she built relationships with her clients where they could get to know her personally.


A huge fight before a six-week vacation.

On June 27th, Bailey details that a pregnant Shannan, Bela, and Cece went on a six-week vacation to visit family back in North Carolina. However, at the time it seemed as if there were already problems in the relationship. Neighbors reported hearing screaming and arguing, noting that Chris and Shannan would be out on the driveway fighting.

Then, the next day, Shannan and the two kids left to go to North Caroline for six weeks. During that time, Chris decided that he would take advantage of his free time to hang out with his coworker, Nichol Kessinger. Although they have yet to start the actual affair, Kessinger’s phone records and search history led people to believe that she had been interested in him a long time ago.


Chris turns marriage counseling down.

After the vacation, Shannan noticed how Chris has started to be distant and aloof. There were records where Shannan would talk to her friends and tell them that her husband had changed. He used to be very hands-on and then, he barely answers her calls. On July 14th, Chris told Shannan that he no longer wanted to be with her and that he didn’t want the baby. Obviously, Shannan didn’t want to break off their marriage and suggested that they’d take marriage counseling. However, Chris turned her down.


Secret folder.

On July 18th, Nichol and Chris exchanged a bunch of nude photos via text. Chris created a secret folder on his phone which looked like a calculator mobile application that when you type up code, it turns into a photo album. He transfers all his photos to that album. Aside from that, his search history also showed that he had looked for vacation spots making people believe that he’d plan on going somewhere with his mistress.


Phone records and search history.

On July 24th, Nichol searched Google for “Man I’m having affair with says he will leave his wife.” On the same day, Shannan still continued to text Chris and tell him what she feels. She still wondered about what was going on and whatever was built up.

On July 25th, Chris searched Google, “When to say I love you,” “When to say I love you for the first time in a new relationship,” “What do you feel when someone tells you they love you,” and “How does it feel when someone says I love you?”

On July 28th, Chris and Nichol go on a vacation. They had multiple pictures where he transfers it to his secret calculator app. On July 31st, Chris flies to North Carolina to pick Shannan and the kids up. While he remains with the family, he constantly transfers photos in his secret calculator app.

Fast forward to August 4th, Nichol’s search history said that she Googled for wedding dresses. She also searched for Chris Watts’ Facebook page and later looked for Shannan’s.

On August 7th, Shannan texted her friend that Chris feels terrified of this new baby. She tells her friend that he doesn’t want to have the baby even after telling her that he wanted another child months before.

On August 8th, a friend reached out to Shannan about why they canceled the gender reveal party. She admitted that she and Chris have been having problems with each other. On the same day, Nichol searches Google on topics related to “marrying your mistress.

Shannan finds out that she was having a boy and that she was going to tell everybody during the already-canceled gender-reveal party. She also decided that she was going to name him Nikko. Shannan also texted friends that she doesn’t want to be and can’t afford to be a single mother. Then, she purchases a marriage counseling book from Amazon that Chris said that he would read.


Chris sends Shannan a chilling photo of their daughter.

On August 9th, Shannan and her friend Nicole Atkinson flew out to Arizona for a work conference. The pregnant woman didn’t feel well and even wrote Chris a really long letter. It was her last attempt to save the marriage. On the same day, Chris sends Shannan a chilling photo of their daughter underneath what seems to be a blanket or a bag. However, it actually doesn’t seem to be one of their daughters as the legs looked more like a doll’s. Shannan replies, “Don’t know what to think about this…”


Nichol’s “messy” Google history.

On August 10th, Chris asked his neighbor if their daughter could watch his daughters while he went out to watch a baseball game even though he wasn’t actually going to one. Chris ended up going out that night with Nichol. The next day, August 11th, it turned out that Nichol spent forty-five minutes searching Google on topics like “how to prepare for anal sex” and “the anal sex guide.” This progressed to searches at Pornhub for “interracial porn videos” and “threesomes with double penetration.”


The reason why people call Shannan’s friend Nicole Atkinson a hero.

August 13th comes and Shannan heads home with Nicole. Their flight went delayed and she felt pretty frustrated and tired. Atkinson drops Shannan off at home at 1:48 in the morning. Later, Nicole texts Shannan and asked her about the doctor’s appointment that she was supposed to be at around 8:30 in the morning.

When Atkinson didn’t get any replies from Shannan, she and her son drove over to her friend’s house but didn’t get any response. Nicole tried to open the front door and texted Chris about her worries regarding Shannan. Chris tells Atkinson that Shannan mentioned that she was going on a playdate and that was all he knew.

Nicole looks into the garage and sees Shannan’s Lexus (with two car seats) parked inside. She tried to get into the house and realized that the front door was locked from the inside, leading her to believe that nobody went out of the house through the actual entrance. Atkinson gets a call from Chris, telling her to leave the property.

Then, Nicole says that she was going to call the police. Of course, Chris tells her not to. Atkinson called the doctor’s office where they told her that Shannan didn’t show up to her appointment. Then, Nicole called the police to do a welfare check. Police showed up and called Chris for the garage passcode. So, he could go in and look around.

However, Chris said that the passcode doesn’t work. Finally, he arrives and lets the police in. It was believed that Atkinson was the one who found Shannan’s phone which was in between the cushions of the couch. Nicole continued to point out to the police that her friend won’t leave the house without her phone.


Missing bedsheets.

Aside from Shannan, Bela, and Cece, the bedsheets on the rooms went missing as well. Atkinson noted that Shannan has a bit of OCD, knowing that she would clean the whole house and will not leave until it’s perfect. So, everything was in place except for the missing sheets on their bed. When authorities did a drone shot of Chris’ worksite, they found the same sheets from the house.


Chris tries to delete text messages and a 51-minute phone call with Nichol.

On the same day of his family’s disappearance, Chris has been trying to delete anything that has something to do with his mistress Kessinger. He tried to delete any evidence of the affair. Nichol and Chris had a 51-minute phone call. She stated that she had no idea that his wife and children were missing with no clue of what was going on.

On August 14th, Nichol searched Google for Shannan Watts. Then, she also searched “can cops trace text messages” and “how long do phone companies keep text messages.”


Watch the full video from Bailey Sarian below and let us know what you think:

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