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Alex Diaz set to make international big screen debut via ‘Counterplay’

Alex Diaz set to make international big screen debut via ‘Counterplay’


Alexander McDermott, popularly known as Alex Diaz, is set to make his international movie debut in a film starring Australian actor Sam Worthington. Of course, the singer-actor shared the good news on his Instagram account, sharing how proud he is working with the actor who played the role of Jake Sully in the Avatar film franchise

“Excited as our film at @mamholdingsinc was finally announced at the Berlin Film Festival the other day. swipe to see the hype— #AvatarFan,” Diaz wrote in his post.


Alex Diaz in ‘Counterplay’

Titled Counterplay, the film follows the story of a retired hostage negotiator named John Craig (Worthington). In the story, he helps Diaz’s character, who got wrongly accused of drug trafficking, return to his home in Australia.

Moreover, the action-thriller film is under the direction of Pedring Lopez, who helmed Cristine Reyes’ action-crime film Maria.


In fact, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be shot in the Philippines in August. This is produced by MAM Media (owned by Alex Diaz’s dad Michael McDermott) in association with Black Ops Studio. Reports said this will be sold to the European Film Market in Berlin by Blue Fox Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Worthington has worked with Filipino actors in the past in the film The Great Raid set in Cabanatuan.

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