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Ashley Ortega feeds the homeless during ECQ

Ashley Ortega feeds the homeless during ECQ

If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic taught us, it is to come together as one and give back to the community who supports us. Most recently, GMA Network star Ashley Ortega has done her fair share of giving. She was seen roaming around Metro Manila, giving relief goods to the homeless.

Photo Credit to Sab Bulatao of GMA-7

We chose the homeless people because they are the most neglected marginalized sector right now. If one watches the news, most groups are already helping hospitals and frontliners. I’ve decided to focus on them because they endure each day, much worse than they have in the past. And with the streets empty and Filipinos are forced to save what they have left for their own families, these homeless people are faced with an even disastrous problem,” Ashley said.

This is such a commendable act for the young actress as giving and charitable works inspire us all to be more generous. When everyone’s attention, including the government, is so focused on the frontliners and those who are at home, this selfless act is to be admired. In times like these when there is so much uncertainty, it’s the greatest and most sweeping comfort that we can give others, especially the homeless.

Ashley’s ECQ Routine

Once I wake up, I devote time to praying, talk to him for this crisis to pass. Then I wash my face and have my breakfast with my family. Working out is also a part of my routine, it usually takes an hour or two. I also play badminton with my sister, then immerse myself in reading. I also find time checking out Social Media to be kept aware of what’s happening“, Ashley said.

Anxious thoughts during ECQ can cripple us. It’s also difficult to escape during an isolation period so it’s important to have an active routine. Ashley showed us that she has a pattern, reading, by keeping her mind stimulated and working out, by keeping her body sound and active.

Spending time doing devotion and praying can be beneficial too as it can clear your heads from being worried. These things can distract us from depressing thoughts and can keep us centered as well.

Her advice to the youth of today

Being a public figure, I believe that it’s my responsibility to promote causes that are relevant to society. While most of us are told to stay at home and abide by social distancing, frontliners are risking their lives to take care of us. Truly, the least we can do is to follow and respect the rules, though it’s difficult, but it’s for us to defeat this crisis. Let’s not be stubborn and remain at home to lessen the spread of the virus,” Ashley said.

How powerful this message can be for the youth of today who’s trying to cope up with the difficulties they are facing. Following the strict measures imposed by the government can be difficult. It’s because we want to help our families survive this crisis. But being at home is the best gift that you can give your loved ones these days.

Ashley wears fashionable mask
Photo Credit to Ashley Ortega

Imagine the plight of the homeless today. How can they protect themselves from these elements? How can they even soundly sleep outside when at any time they can acquire this dreaded disease? This is a call to our government too to address this situation.

Keep up the great work Ashley, we salute you and we hope that other celebrities will follow suit. This has a tremendous impact, especially to the homeless who can’t protect themselves. Keep on inspiring us!

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