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4 Anime Worlds That I Would NOT Want To Live In

4 Anime Worlds That I Would NOT Want To Live In

Living in an anime world can be a dream come true. What if we can live in a world where everyone has powers or where giant robots exist? Anime can somehow be a form of both entertainment and escapism from our mundane life. However, not all anime worlds are paradise. Some anime worlds are… a nightmare.


4 Anime Worlds That I Would NOT Want To Live In

You live as a food source for demons.

The Promised Neverland gave us an anime world where kids are raised in an orphanage only to become food for demons. Their caretakers make sure that these kids will grow smart and healthy until they turn twelve before feeding them to demons. Every day these kids eat gourmet food, live in a healthy environment, and of course, are taught actively. However, the genius kids discovered the truth about their existence and will do their best to escape from the orphanage.

You live in a cage with giants trying to swallow you whole outside of the gates.

The Attack on Titan world, specifically Paradis island, is a nightmare to live in. In the center of this island, there’s a walled kingdom where people live. They can’t go outside since it’s surrounded by tall man-eating creatures called Titans. Besides that, inside the walls, there are plenty of corrupt officials who hide the truth from their people. They can go to terrible lengths just to keep the rich and powerful safe from the titans and social problems. The walled citizens also live an old-fashioned life where people rarely takes bath and always get sick. If you’re one of the poor citizens of this world, you either live underground without seeing the sun, or you’re food for titans. Living outside the walls or on the island is also a problem as many countries are at war. There’s also a global threat named Eren Yeager.

One punch can’t save everyone… unfortunately.

The world of One Punch Man is a hit or miss. The good thing about this world is that there are everyday heroes that protect their citizens. The main problem is the reason for these heroes’ existence, monsters. Almost any monster in this world can be defeated, especially since there’s this One Punch Man hero that can eliminate them with one punch. But the cities in this world are always under attack by monsters and there are always many casualties and destroyed homes.

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Live underground… and even deeper.

There are plenty of mecha anime worlds you don’t want to live in but we’ll give this one to Gurren Lagann. In this world, mankind is forced to live in isolated subterranean villages with no contact with other villages or the surface world. People in these small villages keep on digging deep under to avoid the constant earthquakes from the surface.

Another issue is famine since it’s difficult to grow resources without sunlight. On the surface, few people are fighting for their lives. These people are attacked each day by giant robots piloted by Beastmen, creatures that have combined DNAs of man and animals. In the cosmos, there are also plenty of problems as there’s an alien race that will wipe out all life on the planet.

How about you? Which anime world would you hate to be part of? Let us know!

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