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SB19’s Ken is set to make his solo debut as FELIP with single ‘Palayo’

SB19’s Ken is set to make his solo debut as FELIP with single ‘Palayo’

Ken of Filipino pop group SB19 is set to make his solo debut this weekend. He’ll release music under his first name, FELIP.

Ken SB19

It has been revealed that Ken will make his solo debut using his real name, FELIP. His whole name being Felip Jhon Suson. This news is based on a series of announcements on SB19’s social media accounts.

The single will be titled Palayo and will arrive on Saturday, September 18. It will be released with an accompanying music video later that same day.

A teaser video for the track has also been released. It features the singer in an empty mansion, walking along its corridors with melancholy. He can be seen sporting different outfits with a rose in hand.

The video ends with a fiery title Palayo. You can watch it below.

Ken published a tweet on Saturday, September 11, addressing the concerns of his fans.

“Naiintindihan ko lahat ng concerns nyo, I know naman na para sa ikabubuti ko lahat opinion nyo,and I wanna Thank you all for that [emoji] bago lang to so obviously wala talaga akong reach. Kayo lang talaga makakapanuod neto…”

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[I understand all of your concerns. I also know that all of your opinions are for my own good. And I thank you for that. I’m just new to this, so, obviously, my reach is limited. You’re the only ones who can watch this.]

Earlier this year, FELIP first appeared as a featured artist on a remix of Matthaios’ song Pangga.

The group has shown immense popularity overseas because of their promising talent. I hope a lot of people continue to show their support. SB19 is a new era in the Philippine music industry. They are something fresh and show us the bright future of entertainment.

SB19 is set to perform their first-ever orchestral concert on October 17. The show, dubbed ‘FORTE: A Pop Orchestra Concert’, will see the group perform their hits backed by the Battig Chamber Orchestra with the SSC Chamber Choir.

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