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Prep like a pro: Things to do before you travel

Prep like a pro: Things to do before you travel

It’s more exciting when you travel to a place without worries that constantly boggling your mind. More importantly, a lack of preparation may stop you from making your next trip go smooth and successful. Thus, before you succumb to the temptation of travelling, there are things you need to do, to make your next trip fun and memorable. 

Do the research on your desired destination

You wouldn’t wish to be a blank slate about the place you’re visiting. Therefore, have some time to get to know your desired destinations for your own benefit. Traveling responsibly should be a priority. It is important to review the rules and regulations to ensure your safety.

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In addition, going to another city where a different dialect is spoken might also be challenging. It’s better if you can learn the basic terminologies that the locals speak such as the words “hello”, “thank you”, “goodbye” etc. Besides, knowing a few phrases can make your interactions with them easily when you’re buying, ordering food, or asking for direction. 

Weather conditions can also influence your travel journey positively or negatively. You may not want to take this for granted, otherwise, you will find yourself caught off guard. Checking the weather will allow you to pack the right clothes and things you need to bring. 

Furthermore, regardless of how open-minded you are, you’re still likely to experience culture shock. Therefore, you may want to study the culture of your destination beforehand. Know something about the traditions, festivals, or customs that people follow. With the knowledge you have, embracing and appreciating cultural differences become genuine and effortless.  

Pack the essential things 

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While on your trip, you don’t want to worry about whether you forget something you need. To ensure a stress-free trip, make a list of everything you need to have, so you don’t forget anything important. Below is the list of must-have essential travel items to bring: 

  • First aid kit 
  • Extra clothes 
  • Portable battery
  • Vaccination card 
  • Personal Hygiene items 
  • Water bottle 
  • Passport & Identification
  • Sanitizer 

Prepare your house before you travel

Before you go, it is essential to get your home in order before you go. If no one will look after your house,  make sure that you unplug the appliances or electronics. This will not only save you money on expenses but also reduce the risk of fire. Unplug things like routers or unused chargers. 

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Consider cleaning your house and checking your refrigerator. For instance, dispose of any perishable food to avoid flies, insects, and mice roaming around your home. Not doing such, you run the risk of exposing your house to foul smells and pests. 

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Right before you leave, check all the windows and doors, or every entry point around your home. Store your valuable items in a safe place, in case an intruder was able to break into your home.  Most importantly, let your family or friends that you trust about your destination. 

Plan your travel budget 

Budgeting for a trip will give you peace of mind, as it ensures that you won’t run out of money halfway through your trip. Find out about the cost of living of the place you are going to visit.   Estimate the expenses for accommodation, food, entertainment, and transportation. 

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If you’re planning to stay for long, you can look for the costs of hotels, apartments or guesthouses Also, make a list of activities or tours and how much they cost e.g. entrance fee. Consider your mode of transportation as well, on whether you will be taking a bus, tricycle, or train. Budgeting for food can be tricky, use your best judgment for how much you can spend a day on your food and drinks. 

On top of what has been mentioned, have an emergency fund in cash. Unexpected expenses may come up or unfortunate events like losing your credit card. It is crucial to be prepared and realistic to make the most out of your travel experience! 

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