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Little Mountain teams up with LOCAD to fulfill classic home goals

Little Mountain teams up with LOCAD to fulfill classic home goals

Achieving the ‘aesthetic’ vibe through vintage decor delivered at your doorstep! Apart from grocery and personal items, home furnishings have recently become the top purchases. Shoppers check out the most during the last three to six months of 2021. Hence, the rise of trending home themes. Of course, these include “Team Puti” versus “Team Kahoy” and “Team Classic” versus “Team Modern” in popular online groups like Home Buddies. Members of this page thrive on exchanging home renovation or redecoration tips and tricks. Joining the fray to spice up the homes of vintage piece lovers is the online furniture store Little Mountain. LOCAD is an end-to-end fulfillment solution. With their help, they set to bring these items right to the customers’ doorsteps – wherever they may be.

Little Mountain teams up with LOCAD to fulfill classic home goals

Starting from the foot of the mountain

Finding the best home decor that fits one’s aesthetics and home design goals can feel daunting these days. Especially, if you are one of those people who have started moving homes and remain new to the country. This became the case for Little Mountain owner Nikki Fan. At the time, she had no choice but to import her furniture all the way from China. However, this difficulty inspired her to start an e-commerce furniture and décor business of her own. Of course, this comes amid the pandemic and despite a lack of prior knowledge of the industry.

Although starting her business was fulfilling, doing it solo became a huge challenge in fulfillment and operations-wise.  

“I’m selling furniture and bulky items which are hard to lift. So, before, my friends would sometimes help me pack them because I wouldn’t be able to do it alone.”

She also recalls, “The hiring process for employees was quite complicated.”

Initially, Fan only searched for a warehouse to store her products. However, this posed yet another difficulty. She first met a fulfillment company that does not store big items similar to what she has. Left with no other option, she continued with Little Mountain’s in-house fulfillment. This only allowed her to pack four to five orders a day.

Fortunately, a friend recommended that she try cloud logistics company LOCAD. The brand remains known for offering fast, flexible, and affordable services to simplify logistics and operations. They combine an integrated technology platform for local and regional e-commerce fulfillment and product warehousing. 

Behind the Little Mountain

Fan immediately noticed LOCAD’s professionalism and capacity to handle her products. Its involvement, including its additional help in monitoring her inventory, allows her to work “more fluidly” than before. With LOCAD’s fulfillment centers, she can store big and bulky items. She also does not have to worry about the complications of hiring locally as a professional team of fulfillment and operations experts are handling her products.

“After working with LOCAD, there is nothing to worry about fulfillment, like the airway bill and the packing. Also, because of the LOCAD Control Tower, I can easily find my inventory, as well as sell data, and follow up on the fulfillment steps. It’s very easy to work with.”

Her sales have since grown by 10% and Little Mountain’s customer feedback also greatly improved, with customers noting how secure the items were packed upon receipt.

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Fan described the turnaround: “Before, I didn’t get that many orders. But since working with LOCAD, my sales have increased, sometimes more than ten orders a day. And when we are doing campaigns like online sale events, it reaches up to 20.”

Trekking towards the mountain top 

With fulfillment no longer her concern, Fan now has more time to devote to the business’ other facets such as product research. She remains particularly mindful of the quality of the items she sells. And, she also wants “to test the market in the Philippines” since home décor becomes trending both among consumers and as the topic of online conversations. 

Fan recognizes that LOCAD’s services remain crucial, especially for businesses like hers that sell bulky items like chairs, tables, and carpet products, among others. She is also happy to note LOCAD’s system upgrades which help her in her efforts to “grow with the brand.”

“LOCAD has given me more free time to do promotion and more online campaigns to increase the awareness and appeal of my products to customers,” Fan says. “I no longer worry at all about offline concerns on fulfillment because LOCAD does it very well and professionally.”

No mountain is too high for e-commerce entrepreneurs like Nikki Fan, and with Little Mountain’s growing success, Filipinos who are looking to style their homes are always supported. 

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