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KD and Alexa (KDLEX) make musical debut with Walang Aray

KD and Alexa (KDLEX) make musical debut with Walang Aray

Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada or also known as KDLEX had their musical debut last Monday, November 28, through Walang Aray at the PETA Theater Center. They portrayed the leads Julia and Tenyong respectively, alternating with Marynor Madamesila and Gio Gahol.

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad (KDLEX) make musical debut with Walang Aray

KD and Alexaa, the hottest and newest musical pair

Gio and Marynor’s performances are flawless, given they were only rehearsed for three weeks. The songs, timing, and facial expressions are all spot-on. So, it’s interesting to know how KD and Alexa pulled off the show as the hottest musical pair. It was a challenge. Aside from that, Walang Aray cast shared the two’s hands-on commitment to rehearsals.

“She (Alexa) looks so confident, but I learned din that she is also very humble. I’m excited for them next year,” Madamesila shared. Gahol also expressed his belief that KD and Alexa are ready to learn all that theater has to offer. “They are prepared to dominate the stage once they do,” Gio stressed.

What they learned from their roles

When asked what they have taken away from their roles in Walang Aray thus far, Alexa and KD both shared what they have learned. Alexa shared:

Maybe for me as Julia, I think it was evident in the whole story how love conquers all, may it be para sa bayan, para sa pamilya, or para sa pagmamahal sa significant other mo. We all have that common goal like what he (Gio) also said about being in production, you can all achieve success if you all work together.

KD, then, shared:

What I learned from Tenyong, this is a spoiler; I know you didn’t see the actual thing but ‘If there’s a wheel, there’s a way’, Kapag may gulong, may daan. But seriously, they were both under impossible circumstances and how to get back home sa bahay nila, and to Julia, but sila Tenyong and Katipunan found a way to conquer that.

Star Magic Head, Lauren Dyogi is also excited as everyone to work with PETA.

Direk Lauren Dyogi is confident that Alexa and KD, their artists, will benefit from this opportunity. PETA, Star Magic, and Indie.Go hope that by working together and featuring KD and Alexa, they may improve their craft as performers and attract a wider audience to the theater.

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Alexa also expressed her gratitude to Direk Lauren for introducing them to musical shows and how everyone in Star Magic believes that they can do it. Alexa and KD took up the challenge despite their fears that acting in a musical would be very different from acting on television.

Alexa also added,

I’ve been enjoying everything, working with these amazing people who inspire me every day that I am on this stage or watching on those chairs. So sabi ko, this is the best decision that I made, I think, this year. I’m so happy.

From February 17 to May 14 of 2023, PETA has scheduled forty performances. KD and Alexa will only appear on 12 shows out of 40. Gio Gahol and Marynor Madamesila will round out the rest of the show. Actual schedules will be made public as planning progresses.

Tickets are available via starting December 10, 2022. For bulk buying and show buying inquiries, contact Mitch Go at 0917-539-1112. To read more of the author’s works, click here.

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