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Getting my first-ever eyelash extensions at 427 Spa

Getting my first-ever eyelash extensions at 427 Spa

Growing up, I would always question my femininity. As far as I know, my femininity, or sometimes lack thereof, doesn’t prove my womanhood. I am a woman despite my usual masculine outfits, my current masculine hair, and my sometimes masculine frame. Despite that, I have always wanted to get in touch with my femininity through salon and spa services. A few weeks ago, I got my first-ever soft gel nail extensions at 427 Spa.

Recently, I got my first-ever eyelash extensions at 427 Spa.

We are in an era when people cover most of their faces with protective masks. So, it has become an important factor for people to let their eyes make an impact. People have become more interested in having perfectly-shaped eyebrows, expertly-applied eyeshadow, and statement-making eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent hair-like fibers that are applied strand by strand to make anyone’s natural lashes appear longer, thicker, and more noticeable. In my case, on the other hand, I want my natural lashes to look effortlessly longer and wispier. And, 427 Spa helped me achieve that look.

Getting in touch with my femininity is more than just getting my nails or my eyelashes did at 427 Spa. But, it makes me feel as if I balance my masculine and my feminine side. We live in a patriarchal society that embraces masculinity more than anything. That’s why I always feel the need to embrace and connect with my feminine energy.

And, taking care of myself has always become my way to do so.

My way of taking care of myself has always revolved around going to a salon or a spa and having a service done there. It allows me to have alone time and to fully experience the services being done. So, I got my lashes done at 427 Spa. They used multiple lengths and curl strengths to create a wide-eyed wispy effect on my natural ones.

Then, they placed longer lashes on the outer corners of my eyes and shorter lashes placed on my inner corners. The lashes are carefully applied one at a time, using specially-formulated and semi-permanent glue. It doesn’t irritate nor does it damage the natural lash. They only apply it to the existing lash, not to the skin.


I laid down on a particularly comfortable couch and fell asleep after cleansing the area to remove any makeup, oil, and germs from the area. The wrong thing about what I did was I went to the appointment with my face fully made up. So, it’s actually helpful for lash artists to arrive makeup-free to the appointment.

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Then, the lash artist at 427 Spa applied the tape and eye gels with my eyes closed for the duration of the process. It typically takes one and a half to two hours, depending on the number of extensions. The prep went smoothly and that’s when I actually fell asleep.


Of course, the application required tweezers as the lash artist will dip the end of each extension in lash glue. Then, they would apply it to the individual lash. My artist at 427 Spa actually went for wispy lashes as they fit my eye shape more which I was thankful for. I didn’t know anything about lash extensions and was grateful for her opinion.


The eyelash extensions are virtually waterproof and pain-free. At the end of the day, I left 427 Spa completely rejuvenized with the desire to go back to try out their other services. So far, visiting the spa has become one of my ways to get in touch with my femininity. And, I’m happy to do so.

If you want to visit 427 Spa, they are located at 12 New York corner Felix Manalo Street, Quezon City, Philippines. You can also follow them on their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. So, what are you waiting for? Inquire now and get the total package of health, wellness, and absolute relaxation.

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