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Coffee that gives your money and time worth in Just Wait Cold Brew

Coffee that gives your money and time worth in Just Wait Cold Brew

Owner and creator of Just Wait Cold Brew Clarence Sesbreño is no coffee expert and he has no plan of proclaiming himself as one. However, there is one thing that he is 100% sure of: he loves coffee way too much.
“I pursued this because, I, myself, love drinking coffee and my friends and relatives encouraged me to try selling what I love making for myself and now I also love making it for other people. This may be cheesy, but I guess working as a one-man-team already shows what makes my coffee special. Establishing a brand from scratch and making your own product is really sweat and blood and I hope it shows by the looks and taste of it.”
Just Wait was established online in July 2020 and was officially launched on August 1, 2020.

Best Seller Bundle 375php in 300ml Pet Bottle (CB Salty Cream, CB Soy Latte, CB Mocha Frappe)

They offer 24-Hour Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee Beverages with 8 different flavors to choose from; CB Black, CB Soy Latte, CB Wintermelon, CB Mocha Frappe, and CB Salty Cream, CB Caramel Frappe (new), CB Hazelnut Cold Foam (new), CB Cookies and Cream.
“Our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is a well-balanced combination of Arabica and Robusta Coffee steeped for 24 hours that gives a bold and sweet with a woody undertone taste. The resulting Cold Brew Concentrate is used to make our Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee Beverages. Freshly brewed every day and freshly bottled before sending out the coffees. “

NEW FLAVORS IN 500ML ACRYLIC MILK BOTTLE 499php. (CB Hazelnut, CB Cookies & Cream, CB Mocha Frappe)

Why the name? Well, simply because each product is steeped for 24-hours and you just have to wait to experience the goodness it offers.
“As we all know, ‘there’s good brew in waiting.’ In Just Wait, Our promise is “The Cold Brew Coffee Experience.” With that, we always make sure to be different and to always reimagine the Cold Brew Coffee. Thus, this set as apart from the other brands offering bottled coffees.”
Since a lot of social media users are inclined to buying stuff that is pleasing to the eye, even in food and drinks, Just Wait had to adapt and make sure that they cater to the demand of the market.
“Apart from the quality coffee, packaging is really important for branding but it is also important that your consumer get what they paid for and that includes the quality and sustainability of it.”
By using sustainable and eco-friendly products/items, Just Wait can help the consumer learn how to reuse and repurpose.
“By that, we can also help the environment. I’m not saying that JUST WAIT is 100% plastic free and cruelty free but it always starts from little.”
Check out their tasteful and rich offering via their Instagram page and get yourself a bottle or two. Or more!
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