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Adrian Lindayag’s win as Best Actor is a win for LGBTQ+ Community

Adrian Lindayag’s win as Best Actor is a win for LGBTQ+ Community

Village Pipol’s Choice Awards 2020 might have been virtual due to the pandemic, but that concern didn’t stop them from ruling social media. The highly anticipated event was a tremendous success after trending online. One shocking, but welcoming result was when the award-giving body chose Adrian Lindayag of The Boy Foretold by the Stars who won the Best Actor Award over Fan Girl’s Paulo Avelino. Avelino has been the highly favored nominee after his film has received so many accolades from other film festivals.

VP Choice Awards

Recognizing Lindayag is such an honor and a recognition in the LGBTQ+ Community. The actor is self-confessed and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Such an honor speaks volumes to the love and acceptance the LGBTQ+ community has been receiving. It can be noted that a ton of Boys’ Love Series has been making waves — and one of those is Lindayag’s film.

Adrian was ecstatic!

Winning over a seasoned actor is a dream for the newbies. Lindayag even mentioned that being recognized as one of the nominees is already an honor.

I can’t believe I won, I’m over the moon and it’s something I won’t forget. Winning it all is another story, it’s a feat that seems impossible to accomplish. I’m not sure if I’m even dreaming, can someone wake me?” the young actor jested.

Photo Credit to Instagram/AdrianLindayag

A win for the LGBTQ

Adrian feels that this award is not only for himself, but it means even more.

It’s a win for the whole LGBTQ+ as a whole. We might be fighting for equality, to have space, and be recognized, but this is such a huge step towards what we want to achieve as a community.”

With a ton of Boys’ love-themed series or movies, it’s hard to get the nod of many especially an award-giving body. In a time of cultural division, LGBTQ+ images in media are crucial in accelerating acceptance for the community. This is important to change the perception and encourage total acceptance and not just tolerance. A win is a win. This victory is a step forward, or should we say a leap for the LGBTQ+ community.

Watch the replay on Friday, March 12, on Village Pipol Magazine YouTube Channel.



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