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A few tips on how to begin writing your first fic on Wattpad!

A few tips on how to begin writing your first fic on Wattpad!

Wattpad is popular writing and reading app with over one hundred million downloads and 4-hundred million stories! This app is where amateur writers suddenly gain notoriety for their novels. So, if you want to start your Wattpad journey and don’t know where to begin, this guide is perfect for you!


A few tips on how to begin writing your first fic on Wattpad!

Know your genre.

Knowing what genre you excel at is advisable! What kind of story do you like to tell? This tip is essential in determining what to write first because the better you are at your chosen genre, the more likely you are to come up with a better idea or plot. You can try out different genres if you are unsure of your strengths. Anyway, discovering new things is exciting!


Know your target audience.

Knowing who your target audience is is critical for writing a successful novel. It will also help you promote your stories if you know who might be interested in them because there are groups on various social media platforms that share the same interest. Post your story link from Wattpad in social media groups to showcase and recommend your work.


List down your ideas.

Making a list of your ideas for a plot is highly recommended and required. When you have a sudden thought of a scene or concept, please write it down. So, you don’t forget it later. Listing your ideas and plot will make it easier for you to keep writing your novel and also help you avoid writer’s block. In addition, writing your novel’s starting point and the possible ending will help you to focus on the plot.

Promote your stories on social media.

After connecting with and understanding your audience, this is the next step. Promoting entails capturing the attention of potential readers which leads to increased interest in your story. Every well-known novel or story begins with the author promoting their work to others, whether strangers or friends.


Join a book contest or book critique.

There are numerous book contests on Wattpad that will both motivate and challenge you. This contest will also provide feedback on your stories which will help you improve! Furthermore, if you do not want to enter a book contest, there is a separate category for those who want their story critiqued and advice from other authors. 

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Join a book club.

A book club is all about making new friends and readers. It is where other writers will read, comment, and vote on your story, and you will do the same for theirs. Some writers produce books on Wattpad showcasing new stories, and you can submit your work by sending them a message through their accounts. With that, they will promote your work and surely gain readers.


Do not write for fame and remain passionate.

Do not write a novel because you want to be famous. Although all writers want to be well-known, concentrating on writing is more important than gaining attention. A better story will attract readers! Just be yourself, and love what you are doing because if you notice that you are not gaining readers, you will lose interest in writing! However, if you write with passion in your heart, you will continue to write and produce more novels even if you do not have readers.

Being a writer is difficult; you cannot be one if you only push yourself and do not enjoy writing. These tips will help you become a successful Wattpad writer, but your popularity and journey are entirely up to you. After all, you are the author of your own life story.

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