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VP Choice Awards 2022 unveils the nominees for the TV Entertainment Category!

VP Choice Awards 2022 unveils the nominees for the TV Entertainment Category!

With the physical comeback of a more remarkable gathering, The 4th VP Choice Awards (VPCA), as presented by Village Pipol Magazine has released its official list of nominees, with more than 90 categories from the travel, lifestyle, technology, business, and entertainment industries.

As your guide to the big city, we take pride in letting the Pipol choose the most worthy entities that delivered sky-scraping excellence. To feed your excitement, we present to you the VPCA 2022’s nominees for the TV Entertainment Category.

TV Series of the Year

The following VP Choice Awards – TV Series category’s nominees deliberately highlight the shows that caught the Pipol’s attention and took social media by storm. Only an undebatable one will take the crown for each category. Which series do you think is the most deserving?

The Broken Marriage Vow (Kapamilya Channel)

The Philippine television series based on the British drama, Doctor Foster, shook the audience to the core with its great cast, storyline, and intense scenes. It tells the narrative of a family rocked by infidelity and broken trust. Every bit of those gigil scenes had us all waiting for the most *exciting part*!

YouTube | ABS-CBN Entertainment

Maria Clara at Ibarra (GMA7)

The GMA Network served us another television drama from their diverse genres, with a fantasy series based on the novel of Jose Rizal–the Noli Me Tangere. The ongoing show delves into a Gen Z’s journey into the fictional world of the past and getting caught up in the catastrophic events of the novel’s characters. Its dramatic and comedic aspects got the viewers obsessed, especially with the story transitioning to El Filibusterismo.

YouTube | GMANetwork

Lolong (GMA7)

The Gargantuan series became the Philippines’ most-watched TV show from January to August 2022. This adventure series depicts the story of a man named Lolong, and his friendship with a giant crocodile, Dakila. Its monumental primetime ratings paved way for the show’s Indonesian premiere and is confirmed to have a second season.

YouTube | GMA Public Affairs

2 Good 2 Be True (Kapamilya Channel)

Directed by the blockbuster film director Mae Cruz-Alviar, the romantic-comedy series features two characters hiding their true identities for different intentions but were fated for an unexpected romance. The powerhouse cast successfully delivered kilig to the whole nation. Its *finale 2 remember* urged the viewers’ clamor for a second season, but we can only hope!

YouTube | ABS-CBN Entertainment

Abot Kamay na Pangarap (GMA7)

The series tells the life story of an illiterate mother and her intelligent daughter who strives to achieve their dreams, with the latter becoming the youngest neurosurgeon in the Philippines. It is filled with inspiration and selfless sacrifices that taps into the Filipino’s love for dramas.

YouTube | GMANetwork

Darna (Kapamilya Channel)

Ding, ang bato! Mars Ravelo’s fictional female superhero, turned into a widely considered Filipino cultural icon has returned to Philippine television. In a corruption-plagued city, Darna majestically flies to save the day and display modern heroism!

YouTube | ABS-CBN Entertainment

TV Actor of the Year

By all means, such a successful TV series couldn’t be done without the essence of the actors’ and actresses’ portrayals and their connection with the audience. Let us know your winner predictions for those who gave the best performance this year!

  • Donny Pangilinan (He’s Into Her 2)
  • Daniel Padilla (2 Good 2 Be True)
  • Dennis Trillo (Maria Clara at Ibarra)
  • Alden Richards (Start-Up PH)
  • Joshua Garcia (Darna)
  • Ruru Madrid (Lolong)

After winning VPCA 2021’S Male Promising Star of the Year, Donny Pangilinan is also nominated in this category with his character as Deib in He’s Into Her‘s season 2. Daniel Padilla‘s portrayal of Eloy is a true manifestation of his evolution from a Teen King to the Supreme Idol. After many notable TV roles in varying genres, Dennis Trillo has many reasons to be proud as the Drama King and as the iconic Crisóstomo Ibarra.

Furthermore, Start-Up PH’s second lead, the”good boy” Tristan played by Asia’s Multimedia Star, Alden Richards is his breath of fresh air from playing lead roles. The audience also applauded Joshua Garcia‘s character as the police officer, Brian, especially when he delivered a strong performance of a Dark Brian. Action-Drama Prince Ruru Madrid also became highlight of last year’s primetime when he gained a titular character which he prepared through intense stunt training.

TV Actress of the Year

  • Belle Mariano (He’s Into Her 2)
  • Bea Alonzo (Start-Up PH)
  • Barbie Forteza (Maria Clara at Ibarra)
  • Jillian Ward (Abot Kamay na Pangarap)
  • Kathryn Bernardo (2 Good 2 Be True)
  • Jodi Sta. Maria (The Broken Marriage Vow)

Considered her biggest role to date, Belle Mariano as Maxpein totally showcased her growth from being a child star to the ultimate leading lady. The well-respected Box Office Queen, Bea Alonzo and her versatility as an actress in Start-Up PH is also not something to be ignored. A recipient of several local and international awards, Barbie Forteza has done it again in her comedic character as Klay.

Once the adorable Trudis Liit, Jillian Ward is landing more serious actress roles like her lead character Analyn. The most recognizable face in the industry, Asia’s Superstar, Kathryn Bernardo also slayed in her curly-haired character, Ali, earning praise in her medical scenes. Last but definitely not least, Jodi Sta. Maria also delivered the most goosebump-inducing scenes in her scathing character as Dr Jill Ilustre.

TV Supporting Actor of the Year

  • Yves Flores (2 Good 2 Be True)
  • David Licauco (Maria Clara at Ibarra)
  • Jameson Blake (A Family Affair)
  • Paul Salas (Lolong)
  • Zaijian Jaranilla (Darna)
  • Juancho Triviño (Maria Clara at Ibarra)

Yves Flores‘ natural take on a humorous character of Red added depth to the chemistry that the show already brings. Of course, we can’t forget the hype of David Licauco‘s acting as Fidel, who serenaded and broke everyone’s hearts. Jameson Blake also shone in his portrayal of Drew, especially in the scenes where he was confronted and repented for his crimes.

Meanwhile, the show’s truly heart-rending son–Paul Salas‘ character, Martin ultimately showed his skills in action and crying scenes. Darna or Narda‘s sidekick and brother, Ding, played by Zaijian Jaranilla who gave life to the comic series’ teenage geek. Juancho Triviño also gave justice to his first antagonist role as Padre Salvi which made the audience grit their teeth in frustration.

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TV Supporting Actress of the Year

  • Andrea Torres (Maria Clara at Ibarra)
  • Kakai Bautista (First Lady)
  • Sue Ramirez (The Broken Marriage Vow)
  • Kazel Kinouchi (Abot Kamay na Pangarap)
  • Kaori Oinuma (He’s Into Her 2)
  • Janella Salvador (Darna)

Andrea Torres plunged into the pit of insanity during her heavy portrayal of Sisa and received many positive responses. Kakai Bautista‘s role as Pepita always brought humor and fun to every First Lady‘s scene that she was in. Sue Ramirez also proved her diverse acting range as she embarked on the mistress role of Lexy.

Meanwhile, the viewers’ gigil to Zoey in Abot Kamay ng Pangarap is strong evidence that Kazel Kinouchi is an effective new kontrabida. He’s Into Her Season 2‘s characters underwent development and maturity, including the girl-next-door Michiko as enlivened by Kaori Oinuma. No messing around with Janella Salvador as she devoured her alluring serpent character, Regina or Valentina who caught the audience as her prey.

Indeed, these stars’ prominence reflects in almost every spectrum. But among these nominees, who are the most deserving to be recipients of the VP Choice Awards?

VP Choice Awards 2022: Voting System

The 4th VP Choice Awards’ voting period will take place from February 10 to March 10.  In determining the winners, the following criteria will be used:

  • 30% of the VP Choice Awards’ Facebook shares
  • 20% of Village Pipol’s Facebook shares
  • 30% from our editorial team
  • 20% from the deliverance of the experts’ panel

This year’s installment also welcomes the theme Supernova: Our Brilliant Burst of Light.  It signifies the time to embrace our burgeoning blast and champion our luminous explosion— the brilliance in our bursting light. Following two editions held virtually, the VP Choice Awards will finally resume its live ceremony! The awards night will be held on March 29 at the Glass Garden Evangelista Avenue in Pasig City.

You may view the whole list of nominees here.

Also, this event is produced by Village Pipol and Red Entertainment. Presented by Casino Filipino and co-presented by Itel and Fleek. Moreover, this year’s sponsors are Evnia powered by PhilipsBayong RepublicTea Ni Juan, and Jacko’s Burger.

Additionally, our media partners are: The Manila Times, Business Mirror, Business Week, Mindanao Daily, Cagayan de Oro Times, The Market Monitor,Pilipino Mirror, Business Mirror, The Post, Maharlika TV, blogapalooza, GIZGUIDEPH, Iconic MNL and Orange Magazine.

Finally, for details and more of our surprises, be sure to follow Village Pipol and VP Choice Awards on Facebook. The choice is yours, Pipol!

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