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Reminiscing my favorite songs by Callalily

Reminiscing my favorite songs by Callalily

After two decades of being the band’s frontman, Kean Cipriano moves on from Callalily. He also plans to focus on his record label and solo work. Wishing the best, he reiterated in interviews that the old Callalily won’t be back. Meanwhile, the band has changed its name to LILY Music. Although I am happy for them, I found myself reminiscing about my favorite Callalily songs

Reminiscing my favorite songs by Callalily

Destination XYZ (2006)

Callalily debuted their mainstream album and released it on July 17, 2006. This officially marked their success as OPM artists, gaining applause in the Philippine music industry. 


Probably my most favorite song, Stars was the first single that Callalily ever released under their debut album. I remember watching the music video on MYX and I can’t help but sing along with the song. At the time of its release, I never really thought of the lryics so deeply. However, as time passes by, I just can’t help but empathize with the singer as they crave for a loved one’s presence. 

Personally, I dedicate this song to my Papa who passed away in 2008. There are times when I wish I could tell him how much I love him one last time. There are times when I wish he was here, so he could hear me say it once more. Then, sometimes, I would look up at the starry sky and pray that he was somewhere above, watching over me. 

“The stars in the sky will never be the same. If only you were here.”

Take My Hand

Whenever I hear this second single under their debut album, I feel oddly comforted. Personally, when I don’t feel the darkness looming over my head, I want someone to hold my eyes and let me know I’m not alone. 

“I’m at your side. Tomorrow’s gonna be just fine.”

The Final Song

This song is surprisingly about moving on from a person that hurt you the most. Personally, this reminds me of a friend who had betrayed me all those years ago. There was a time where I find myself getting angry with the mention of them. However, as I move on, I am finally happy to say that I don’t feel bitter about it anymore.

“Maybe you were right and i was wrong. But nonetheless this is my final song… about you.”

Fisheye (2008)

This second album showed the band’s road of maturing with their music, released on March 7, 2008. This also illustrates a louder and more powerful and emotional display of their sound, musicianship, and showmanship. 

A Starry Night

The song sounded so sad. It’s like having a relationship on the rocks where the singer bargains their lover to stay. So, they settle on promising to love them forever because, selfishly, they know that no one else can love them the way their lover does. 

Although it sounded so sad, for some reason, I can relate to it. Despite being in a healthy committed relationship, there are times where I just hope that my boyfriend will stay with me forever. Because, I know that no one can love me most but him. 

“I promise that I’ll be here forever. Beside you, loving you. ‘Cause no one can love me most. None but you.”

Dito Ka Lang

This song sounds like the singer finally finds the girl of his dreams. Now that she’s here, he can’t help but wish she will never leave. And, just like the other songs, I’ve never thought much of the lyrics at the time of its release. 

However, as I listen to them again, it makes all the more relatable. Before I went into my current relationship, I had the man of my dreams plastered all around my head. And, now that I have him in my arms, I just wish he would never leave my side. 

“Wag ka nang lalayo dito ka lang sa ‘king tabi. Wag ka nang lilingon dito ka lang sa ‘king tabi.”

Song For The Youth

The song starts off with the singer apologizing for his actions. Then, he goes on to say that he didn’t realize that there are younger people who look up at him. Personally, I found this, again, relatable. Selfishly, I would let myself fall into mistakes that can influence a lot of the younger family members and friends. 

When I realized that I have the power to influence their beliefs, I knew I had to halt whatever shitty thing I plan on doing with my life. Instead, I try my best to be the best to be good for them all. I try my best to be a mentor to interns that I’ve helped out while working here in Village Pipol. I also try my best to become an older sister that my siblings will feel proud to have.

“I was too blind to see the young ones are looking up to me. My apologies. I said I never knew right and wrong. That’s why I’m singing this song to you — To all of you.”

Callalily (2009)

This is their eponymous album released on October 12, 2009. They have their name on this album, giving them a titular title from their band. This also features their more organic and becomes a nod to the return of their musical style from their debut album, Destination XYZ. 

Dance All Night

Whenever I hear this song, I just want to bob my head which becomes fitting with the title. It sounds like a perfect song when you reunite with friends and drink and dance during the entire night.

While drinking you reminisce about the good old times which reminds you of how scared you were for your future. Whenever my friends and I would meet up, this is exactly what we do. But, we can’t help but feel happy with how far we’ve come. 

“Screaming out, I’m burning. Can’t you see? I’m glad we’re back again. I’m screaming out, I’m bursting. Tears of joy running down this place.”

Ooh La La

Again, just like the other songs in this list, I’ve also never paid much attention to the lyrics of this song. However, as an adult, I would listen to it again and realized that the lyrics sounded so much like a panic attack. 

Although the title sounded like a happy song, it’s actually a very sad one. When a friend or a loved one is present during a panic attack, they can help you out. However, the enemy remains at the back of your mind as it waits to strike again. 

“Friends are made to break the spell. My enemies, they know me well. Again, I’m melting down. Please come back to the start. Things are blowing up my heart. There’s no cure for insecure.”


I love this song. It’s not unusual that a lot of people experience and feel love around us. And, the song encourages us to give it, share it, and spread it. And, when I do hear this song, I just want to jump and dance around with friends as we experience the love we have for each other. 

“We need to give it, share it, spread it yeah! Cause its the reason that makes a perfect word.”

Flower Power (2012)

Their fourth album also became their first album as a four-piece band, released on October 13, 2012. Coincidentally, their songs also range around four minutes. 

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The first song under their fourth album, this song sounds heartwarming. Listening to this again, it makes me feel hopeful for the good of tomorrow. I have always felt panic when I talk or think about the future. However, this song kinda assures me that I won’t be alone when the future does come. 

“Wala na akong ibang hihilingin. Salamat sa iyo kayo ay kapiling. Narito na ang bukas. O, ang saya ng bukas.”


The beginning part of the song sounded as if the singer feels lost. However, as the song goes, they say goodbye to their past and plans to move on. It feels relatable as each and every one of us goes about our lives and we try so hard to move on from our past. 

“Paalam na saking nakalipas. Darating din tayo sa wakas. Lahat ng bagay ay mawawala. Pagkat ang buhay ay sadya ganyan.”

Buhos Ng Ulan

I loved the start of this song as the bass guitar comes in. However, I somehow feel hopeless hearing the song. Just like the former song, this song talks about moving on from the past. But, this one reminds us the struggle of broken promises and hopelessness of being left alone.

“Lahat ng pangako’y hindi nakamit. Ang bawat pag-asa ay biglang nasawi.”

Greetings From Callalily (2015)

Released on November 23, 2015, this fifth album served as the tribute album for their tenth anniversary. This shows a new kind of music style as it features songs about love and promises of forevers in a metric style of lyrical writing. 

Bitter Song

When this single was released in 2015, I related way too much. At the time, I was eighteen and clinging on a boy who I thought had his eyes set on me. That year, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday which was a big deal to me. He danced with me that night. However, I just knew that he was just making me feel kilig despite not feeling anything for me. 

That night, I understood that what we had was just nothing. So, I gave up, moved on, and never felt bitter about what had happened. Because I grew stronger and better without him in my life. Thankfully, this made me became available to the man of my dreams to come into my life. 

“Pero ‘di ako bitter. No’ng sabihin kong ayoko na. ‘Cause now, I am stronger. Better kung wala ka na.”

Nasaan Ka Na

Although the song speaks to the singer’s lover who left, my interpretation of it was so different from his. Personally, this song speaks about two people for me: the boy who left and the man I was looking for. When I was moving on from the boy I talked about earlier, I was praying for the man of my dreams to come. That way, I won’t feel so alone. I felt disbelief when the boy left but I continued looking for the man to come for me. 

“Di na sana umasa sa pangako. Di na sana naghintay pa sayo nung sinabi mong ako lang ang iyong iibigin. Nasaan ka na?”

Sa’n Ako Magsisimula (single)

This was the last single to be released under the album. It kind of ties with the first song, telling the story of how the ending went on. Feeling bitter about it won’t get you anyway. Plus, it also feels relatable to the fact that moving on is the only choice to be happier in the future. 

“Mahirap man sakyan, kailangan ko s’yang pakawalan. Dahil do’n s’ya masaya at dahil mahal ko s’ya.”

Music is an art form. Listening to these Callalily songs allow me to interpret them in my own way. So, it makes me reminisce about why these songs are my favorite ones from the former band. As I end this article, let me just wish a stroke of very good luck to Kean for his future endeavors. And, I can’t wait for new songs from LILY Music.

How about you, what are your favorite Callalily songs?

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