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What are Pogi, Conyo, and Jeje Texting and What It Says About You

What are Pogi, Conyo, and Jeje Texting and What It Says About You

If you still haven’t heard of these ways of texting, you need to get into the trend. Apparently, some people notice your way of texting and they would judge you based on it. It somehow became a trend where people tend to know you depending on how you type your messages.

For one, they can get an idea when you use either pogi, conyo or jeje texting.

Pogi Texting

Correct grammar and punctuation marks. That’s how they simply describe the pogi texting.

Using pogi texting, people would already think you’re pogi, or handsome. Those who use the correct grammar make them look smart. Adding to the pogi points, as they say. When you see their message, you’d think you’re talking to some bachelor from those novels.

Conyo Texting

Conyo texting is when a person uses both English and Tagalog in one sentence. Sometimes, it becomes a little confusing, especially when they use shortcuts. Some would include the simple ones like BTW (By the way) or LMAO (Laughing my a** off). Mid complex abbreviations are also used such as ISTG (I swear to God) or FR (For real).

But it seems like this way of texting has become more complex as they add more to their vocabulary. There are even the use of the word Carps (Are you G?) and Pics (I am G).

How that happened?

Carps = Carpet
Carpet = Rug
Rug = R U G
R U G = Are you G?

Pics = Image
Image = IMG
IMG = I am G!

Seeing someone text this way, it sounds like someone who’s from a private school in Manila. Or who’s favorite hang – out place would be around BGC.

Jeje Texting

Jeje texting or typing is sometimes REALLY difficult to understand. It’s like they created their own grammar. Using numbers, letters, and other typings in one sentence. Honestly, I still use this just because I find it funny.

See Also

There was a trend around early 2010 where people text their messages through symbols and alternating capitalization of letters. Although some find it too out of date, the way of texting didn’t entirely die down. Until now, people use it the same way, making it a little funnier and lighter than usual messaging.

Use this, and you’re either out of trend or making it to the new trends.  

What does it say about you?

To make it short, pogi typings make it sound like you’re a serious person. It sounds a little intimidating and can mistake you for a cold person. If you use conyo typings or texting, it gives an impression that you are from the upper social classes. Jeje typings, however, can give out an impression that you’re a bit playful and simple.

You don’t have to overthink this, though. Just do what you usually do. Just try to make it easier to understand to not have any misunderstandings.

Regardless of how you type a message, you’re good to go as long as you put in what you want to say. People’s way of typing in their messages does not tell everything about their personality. Maybe just a little.

So, what kind of texting do you use? Are you in any of these categories?  

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