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Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Last Night in Soho is already dubbed ‘Best Film of 2021’

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Last Night in Soho is already dubbed ‘Best Film of 2021’

Devoted horror fans rejoice as an intense and dark first trailer of Last Night in Soho. Starring one of the most promising actresses of this generation Anya Taylor-Joy, the production released the trailer last Tuesday.

Last Night in Soho Best film of 2021

Edgar Wright, known for directing Baby Driver and Shaun of the Dead, presents us with this psychological horror film. Last Night in Soho has become one of this year’s most anticipated releases. Filming began in early 2019 and wrapped up in August 2020 with additional reshoots.

Wright describes the project in the same vein as Don’t Look Now and Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. Producers include Nira Park, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, and Wright himself. Of course, the impressive ensemble of the cast includes The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, and Jojo Rabbit’s Thomasin McKenzie.

Last Night in Soho revolves around an inspiring fashion designer named Eloise (McKenzie) who mysteriously enters Sixties London. Soon after, she crosses paths and apparently blurs identities with the dazzling singer Sandy (Taylor-Joy). The time-hopping adventure, however, quickly turns sinister.

The film also marks the final film appearance of both Diana Rigg and Margaret Nolan. They died in September and October 2020, respectively. After fans have seen the trailer alone, they already expressed their excitement for what has been called the ‘best film of 2021.’ Of course, this remains quite a reach because the film sets to come out in October.

The trippy trailer includes a cover of Petula Clare’s instantly recognizable track Downtown sung by Taylor-Joy. With that clue alone, the actress will sing and dance in the film as well. The production originally scheduled the film to release in September 2020. However, it became delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it will finally be released on October 22, 2021, in the United States. However, distributors have yet to announce when it will be out in the Philippines.

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Last Night in Soho Anya Taylor-Joy

As a horror fan myself, I can’t wait for this. It has become rare that I encounter films under the genre that truly captures its essence. Of course, without the heavy reliance to jump scares. I’m rooting for you, Last Night in Soho!

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