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Nameless Kids unveils their name through music and artistry


Nameless Kids unveils their name through music and artistry

A five-piece rising band is currently making waves on the Philippine indie-pop scene with their chilling melodic riffs. As their music diverts their listeners into a daydream-like state, there’s no way to let their tracks slide. Proving that enigmatic band names are too overrated, it’s time for the Nameless Kids to take the spotlight.

The collaborative group is composed of Nhiko Sabiniano (keys and vocals), Kyle Perry (guitar and vocals), Kim Allen (guitar and vocals), Tati De Mesa (bassist and guitar), and Imay Alconaba (drums and loops). Hailing from different backgrounds, the band mustered to create brilliant music that influences people in the prime of their youth.

Of course, first-timer listeners will be fascinated by the band’s outlandish name. It’s intriguing, right? But, Nhiko explained how they officially came up with the name, Nameless Kids.

“We were taking so long in brainstorming and it felt like it shouldn’t be as important than we were making it. So it got to a point that I said as a joke, “Bakit ‘di na lang tayo nameless?””

Seemingly, this particular moment marked a prodigious history for them. The notion behind the name also aligned with their objectives as a band. As Nicko pointed out, they want to highlight their crafts more than the band’s name. He also added,

“We, as artists, would never get to a point that it’s suddenly all about fame. You know, forget the name, remember the music.”

Moreover, Tati mentioned three remarkable things people should recognize about Nameless Kids: their vibe, how they value their craft, and their music. It definitely shows their fervent passion and musicality.

Pop music as their common ground

Individually, they come from different musical backgrounds who appreciate good music regardless of the genre. However, Kyle confirmed that amongst all, pop music binds their musical interests.

“I think it’s safe to say that the common ground we all resonate with would be pop music.”

Speaking of pop, Kim revealed that there is an indie-pop band that made her appreciate music, compellingly.

“There’s this band that I’m really obsessed with.. they’re called ‘imaginary future’ and honestly, they’re the ones who made me love music more.”

Meanwhile, Nameless Kid’s tracks ooze a reminiscent vibe of summers of the late 90s. Hearing their songs makes life cozy while catching the sunset haze sounds.

In fact, this unwinding scene is indeed their biggest inspiration, roused with the touch of well-known artists and bands, Imay divulged.

“Well, I think yung biggest inspo namin is ‘yung thought na parang nasa 90s beach scenes talaga kami, enjoying the vibe haha. And of course nakatulong din ‘yung pinapakinggan namin like Joan, The 1975, NSYNC and others.”

Geniuses behind their crafts

What’s more to adore from them? They’re not just performers, but also geniuses who compose their own songs. Apparently, Nhiko confessed that their track, Wanna Know Me, was the most challenging song they have composed to date.

“I think production included, it has to be Wanna Know Me because that time we already had 5 songs for the EP and we had already recorded 3 of them. We were given 2 weeks for writing and production so that on that weekend we could record the remaining 3,”

He added that, even though they were given a tight deadline, the track didn’t feel rushed in any way. Consequently, it turned out to be as rewarding as it was challenging for the group.

Tati also shared his routine whenever to awaken his creative wit in writing a new masterpiece.

“Kunwari naka-peg ‘yung song sa certain era like 80’s or 90’s vibe, ‘yun ‘yung laman ng daily media intake ko. Songs and movies from the 80’s or 90’s, para ma-feel ko ‘yung sound and ‘yung vibe para ma-apply namin sa current song na ginagawa namin.”

In addition, their creativity evidently sparks off not just in their tracks, but even in their music videos. Those clips are aesthetically-done perfectly oozing with the retro vibes.

When asked what would be their most memorable behind-the-scenes moment, Tati claimed that it would be the in-between jams and conversations with people on the set.

“The in-between jams after takes and talking to other people on the set kasi medyo matagal na kaming walang kausap na tao in flesh haha. Sobrang saya and thankful kami sa experience na yun kasi nabigyan kami ng chance makapag-shoot ng actual music video kahit parang mahirap and thank you sa lahat that made it possible.”

Nameless Kids leave their shoes out the door

In reference to one of their songs, Outlaws, it would be illegal not to stream their brainchild extended play (EP). Nameless Kids released their debut EP named Shoes Out The Door last September 17 featuring their six original tracks, including their song, Habits, as its key track.

Incredibly, they are the ones who came up with the songs, released under DNA Music. Imay also expressed the band’s fulfilling experience being managed by ABS-CBN’s sub-label.

“Super fun and at the same time we’re very grateful kasi naiintindihan nila yung gusto namin, like we’re free kung ano gawin namin for the band. And family na talaga yung relationship.”

For those who are curious-minded asking for a spiel behind the name of their EP, Kyle briefly narrated a fascinating story behind “Shoes Out The Door!”

Meanwhile, Kim confessed that she had mixed emotions when they finally released their first-ever offspring as a band. Contrasting feelings are real as she was nervous and at the same time, excited.

“Masaya na kinakabahan kasi this is our first ever baby. The fact that these songs came from scratch tapos finally it’s out for everyone to listen. Nakakakaba ‘yun.

She also stated that the band is super happy and excited about their upcoming originals. Hopefully, the release will be soonest.

Rising figure in the indie-pop scene

Undoubtedly, Nameless Kids is now making a scene in the indie-pop industry. The band already heated up some of the country’s grandest live shows like the Myx Music Awards.

Amongst the electrifying performances they have showcased, Kim recalled her most memorable performance to date.

“March 12, 2020 – first day of Manila lockdown. We were about to perform when they announced that Metro Manila will be placed on lockdown due to COVID.”

She added how, amid the situation, they still performed with a few audiences. Also, for her, it was chaotic but it was one for the books.

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Furthermore, Kyle disclosed that they are up to perform in any stage that would allow more and more people to hear their live sound. He also underlined,

“If I had to be more specific though I’d say Wanderland music fest!”

Every band or artist has their own dream collaboration, Nameless Kids is no exception. Imay affirmed his preference and the band’s pulse.

“For me gusto ko UDD (Up Dharma Down). Pero I think sa’ming lahat, gusto namin si Ms. KZ Tandingan.”

Asia’s Soul Supreme is a perfect pick, right? KZ’s fiery performances are superb. Who’s excited about this dream collaboration? Count me in!

What’s next for Nameless Kids?

When asked about their plans, Nikho responded,

“The plan has always been to express when there is something to express, and there sure is a lot. We’re working on a deeper study of our sound and our dynamic as a collective, so next year will surely be full of music.”

Recently, the band also announced another milestone as they are nominated for “Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist” on this year’s Awit Awards.

We’re so excited to witness your soaring journey, Nameless Kids. Continue to unveil your nameless repute through your striking music and well-rounded artistry.

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