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Karaoke songs you’ll never not hear in any Filipino gathering

Karaoke songs you’ll never not hear in any Filipino gathering

No Filipino gathering or celebrations is complete without the presence of a karaoke. Singing your heart out in gatherings like birthday parties, post-graduation celebration, or regular meeting with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while is the norm. If you don’t wanna miss the fun, you can get a glimpse of what to include in your karaoke song list in this article if you have an upcoming gathering with your loved ones!

Karaoke songs you’ll never not hear in any Filipino gathering

Kitchie Nadal Medley

Three songs in one will never go wrong if you wanna start the karaoke blast. This medley has three of Kitchie Nadal’s hit songs—Bulong, Same Ground, and Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin. They all came from her self-titled debut studio album in 2004.

Narda by Kamikazee

Anyone who likes rock music should know the band Kamikazee. Heavily influenced by punk rock, Narda became popular from their 2006 album Maharot. It bacame one of the soundtracks of the fictional series Darna starring Angel Locsin. 

Stand By Me by Ben E. King

You won’t get lost in following the lyrics of this absolutely classic song! Adding a little momentum to your steps while you sing it at the party can greatly improve your performance. You can also sing it to your lover while the people jive at the jazzy beat of the song.

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Blessed by ABBA’s various global hits, Dancing Queen should also be in the backbone of your karaoke song list! With its upbeat pop vibe, you can sing this solo or in group, making a memorable karaoke moment with your loved ones.

Hanggang Kailan by Orange & Lemons

This song is for you if you’re into indie pop and alternative rock music. Formed in 1999, Orange & Lemons’ musical genres combine alternative rock, indie pop, and experimental music inspired by respected bands across generations including The Smiths, The Beatles, and Eraserheads.

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

One of the classic country Taylor Swift songs you should take note is this one. Just like any other karaoke songs Filipinos can’t get over with, it starts in a slow melody, builds up to the chorus, and gives a fun time to sing as you read the lyrics of the unspoken feelings of a highschool girl in love with her bestfriend.

California King Bed by Rihanna

This iconic song by Rihanna just really hits different when sang in a karaoke. It describes two people who were very close at one point but eventually drifted apart. Aside from its heartbreaking and relatable lyrics, the bridge of the song makes it more powerful especially when paired with a great belting technique.

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Itsumo by Dice & K9 (MOBBSTARR)

Formed in 2004, Dice & K9 (MOBBSTARR) quickly rose to fame with their groundbreaking single. This song is perfect if you want to add alternative, abstract hip-hop tunes to your karaoke song list.

With A Smile by Eraserheads

Lift your head and don’t be scared to sing this song. Thanks to E-Heads, anyone who hears this song will take it day by day with a smile if they’re in too much pressure at the moment. Never not include this in your karaoke song list!

Hanggang Ngayon by Regine Velasquez-Alcasid & Ogie Alcasid

Hanggang Ngayon was originally performed by Ogie but the song shot its fame when Regine’s version was released. The song was used as the soundtrack for Regine’s 2002 movie Ikaw Lamang…Hanggang Ngayon with Richard Gomez. Obviously, Filipinos never moved on when Ogie duets this song with Regine. Even up to this day, you will never not hear this song in gatherings with a karaoke presence.

The songs can keep on coming but these are just some of the famous karaoke songs you should never not include in your list. Now that you have a starter pack, go fire up your voice and make sure to grab the microphone first as you blast to your next get together with friends and family!

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