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‘I PUT A RING ON IT:’ Sam Milby declares engagement with Catriona Gray

‘I PUT A RING ON IT:’ Sam Milby declares engagement with Catriona Gray


Sam Milby is one happy fiancé as he declares he is finally engaged to his girlfriend, Catriona Gray.

The singer-actor broke the news of his engagement with the Miss Universe 2018 winner through his social media pages. On Thursday, Milby took to his Twitter and Instagram to share their captured warm moment together.

At first look, the photo seemed an ordinary update since Valentine’s Day had just passed.  However, with a closer glance, little did no one know the two intended to make an important announcement.

As it appears, Sam Milby and Catriona Gray are now engaged!

Mr. and Mrs. Milby

Photo | Catriona Gray (Instagram)

Last week, Gray spoke to the media to debunk earlier reports of her marriage with Milby. By that time, the beauty queen titleholder was also busy with her commitment to the 71st Miss Universe pageant. Although she refuted the rumors, she expressed openness to the possibility.

Indeed, a week after the incident, Gray is now engaged to Milby. The two posted the same picture of them together on their social media pages to unveil the news.

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“I (FINALLY) put a ring on it! I love you, my forever koala… now my fiancé,” said Milby in a caption. Gray replied to the post and afterward announced their engagement on her account.

“Living in an answered prayer with my best friend. I love you, fiancè,” she wrote.

Milby and Gray used to keep their romantic ties private. It was in May 2022 when they officially confirmed their relationship by posting their sweet image on Instagram.

Congratulations, Sam and Cat!

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