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SB19 is the first-ever Filipino act to enter Billboard Social 50 Top 10

SB19 is the first-ever Filipino act to enter Billboard Social 50 Top 10

Rising popular group SB19 is once again breaking the record as the first ever Filipino act to enter top 10 in Billboard Social 50.

For this week’s top 10 Billboard Chart, the group ranks together with worldwide top artists such as BTS, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and NCT.

The group is known for their invasion with their three charts in Billboard. This is also the first time in Philippine music industry to have a Pinoy group to maintain in Billboard Social 50 for almost three months already!

Photo from KStreetManila

SB19 that stands for Sound Break 19 is the first Filipino boy group under a Korean entertainment agency. The group is composed of Sejun, Ken, Stell, Josh, and Justin.

Meanwhile, the group will perform at the Araneta Coliseum this coming March 19 for their Dunkin’ presents: Give in to SB19. The group will also have their first paid fan meeting at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre in Pasay City this coming March 28.

In fact, SB19 won at the recently concluded VP Choice Awards 2019 held at Casino Filipino, Manila Bay. Other nominees include Ben&Ben, TNT Boys, JBK, This Band, and IV of Spades.

Congratulation, SB19. You deserve all the recognitions in the world.

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