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Benedict Cua teases debut single, ‘Di Namalayan’ on TikTok

Benedict Cua teases debut single, ‘Di Namalayan’ on TikTok


PolyEast Records is proud to announce the release of  famous YouTube vlogger and TikTok sensation Benedict Cua’s,  song teaser called ‘Di Namalayan’ to celebrate his birthday on Tiktok.

Today June 11, a one-minute teaser for his original song, ‘Di Namalayan, is on TikTok for his 2.2 million followers to hear. ‘Di Namalayan is an upbeat love song that tickles on nostalgia and the feeling of developing a crush on someone you often see by chance.


For his much-awaited debut single since signing with PolyEast Records, Benedict puts his voice in the spotlight for a refreshing take on young love.

Arranged in a Filipino pop-influenced melody, the song talks about accidentally falling in love with a person they see often and realizing the gravity of their feelings. In fact, the emotional bridge says: “Dahan-dahan Naman / Ayoko Munang Pag Bigyan/ Itong Nararamdaman/ Ngunit Bigla Nalang Kinawayan…”

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Of course, with Benedict’s smooth voice and the song’s LSS-worthy tune, fans are sure to feel the sweet memory of having their first crush through Benedict’s POV.

PolyEast Records

Watch out for the full version of ‘Di Namalayan to be released on June 18, exclusively on Spotify.

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