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New Balance’s rise to the sneaker culture

New Balance’s rise to the sneaker culture

Versatility and Comfort. Innovation and Nostalgia. Timeless appeal and overall design. Founded in 1906, New Balance prided itself in providing quality and comfortable sneakers for our feet. But right now, they’re not just another footwear brand. New Balance jumped into the hype train and is now definitely a must-have.

New Balance sneakers, or what some say, the ultimate “Dad Shoe,” were famous for their functional silhouettes. They are also known for their signature ’N’ logo and sporty aesthetic. Over the years, if you value comfort and quality and not the popularity of the pair, New Balance is always the go-to brand.

But as the sneaker game and the streetwear culture continues to grow and innovate, different brands continue to find ways to become relevant. Brands innovate while still maintaining their sole purpose. That is what New Balance did. They clawed their way into the sneaker scene, playing alongside heavyweights like Nike and Adidas.

How did New Balance play the game and innovate its brand?

After years of being just a footwear brand that is known for comfort and versatility, New Balance fought its way and jumped into the hype train. They started to release sneakers based on the designs that are currently trending or in style.

New Balance started its journey to the main sneaker scene in 2020 when they debuted the New Balance 327. It is a silhouette that is uniquely different from their classics like the 990 and 991.

The 327s were launched through the Parisian Fashion House Casablanca during the 2020 Paris Fashion Week. It quickly became a must-have not just for those who want comfort, but also for those who want some style. The 327s’ design is inspired by the 70s runners with an exaggerated outer sole and enlarged ‘N’ logo.

New Balance doesn’t just stop from feeding into what’s currently trending. They also started to utilize collaborations with famous artists and celebrities. One of the most notable collaborations that New Balance did is when they collaborated with a famous streetwear brand, Aimé Leon Dore.

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What arguably cemented New Balance as one of the top dogs right now in the Sneaker Scene is when they collaborated with Aimé Leon Dore. The two brands dropped the New Balance 550s. The New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550 features a retro-looking sneaker. Together with an aged midsole and outsole, which is what’s currently popping right now, the 550s are one of the most-coveted sneakers this year and have a value of up to $600.

New Balance also started to expand its brand as a lifestyle sneaker and in the basketball scene. Since 2019, New Balance was able to sign NBA superstars. Zach Lavine, Jamaal Murray, and their biggest signing, Two-Time NBA Champion Kawhi Leonard, were signed into lucrative sneaker deals.

New Balance’s rise to the sneaker scene is definitely commendable. Knowing that the brand never loses its focus in providing quality pairs of sneakers at a high mark of craftsmanship. New Balance did all the innovation without forgetting its identity. And that’s what makes them a must-have across the globe.

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