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#LearnOnTikTok: Doctors that could help you understand the psychology

#LearnOnTikTok: Doctors that could help you understand the psychology

Psychology has been the advocacy of this generation because physical and mental health has now been given the same importance. However, some people still believe in the psychological misconceptions that the older generation once believed.

Moreover, Tim Newman of Medical News Today listed some misconceptions in his article entitled Medical myths: Mental health misconceptions. Furthermore, he listed the misconceptions as follows: mental health problems are uncommon, people with mental health conditions can’t workmental health problems are a sign of weakness, only people without friends need therapists, mental health problems are permanent, eating disorders only affect females and are a lifestyle choice, and lastly, people with mental illness are violent.

#LearnOnTikTok: Doctors that could help you understand the psychology

Setting aside the misconceptions and stereotyping of people with mental illnesses. Moreover, some doctors and psychologists use TikTok in educating the mass about mental health and psychology.

Furthermore, here are the doctors and psychologists you can rely on and check on TikTok when it comes to mental health.

1. mcbeal (@psyche_how)

Miss D is a psychologist from General Trias, Cavite. She uses TikTok to further educate and clarify the people who use the application. Moreover, she also offers psychological services, A-max Psychological Services. Furthermore, she uses dances and trending sounds to reach more viewers.


#psychologist #mentalhealthmatters

♬ original sound – MALINDA

2. Dr. Kilimanguru (@dockilimanguru)

Dr. Kilimanguru is a licensed medical doctor known for educating his followers about different medical things. As much as he educates about physical health, he is also a mental health advocate. Moreover, his content consists of educational videos and some of his approaches are humorous which are appealing to his audiences.


Mental health matters (part 2) #tiktokskwela

♬ original sound – Dr. Kilimanguru – Dr. Kilimanguru

3. Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm a.k.a. Your Millenial Psychologist (@yourmillenialpsych)

Dr. Riyan Portuguez is a registered psychologist and a psychometrician who also educates her followers about psychology and mental health. Unlike Dr. Kilimanguru, her videos are mainly focused on mental health. And, she explains how psychology and other mental illnesses work.


#stitch with @pushpeksidhu Let’s talk about IQ. Di naman po ganon ang pagmeasure non. #fyp #edutok #tiktokskwela #IQtest

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♬ original sound – Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm – Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm

4. Dr. Inna Kanevsky Ph.D. (@dr_inna)

Dr. Inna Kanevsky Ph.D. is a psychology professor. Moreover, she is known for debunking ‘Psychology Facts’ that has been surfacing around TikTok. To add to this, she can briefly explain and simplify psychology concepts because of TikTok‘s one-minute video limit.


It’s a very persistent myth, but being good at math isn’t explained by “left-brain” dominance.

♬ two boyfriends from Never Have I Ever – Netflix

Having these TikTok creators proves that not all the time, you learn nothing from using social media.

It still depends on a person whether they will use their access to technology in learning new things. However, they must first know who are the social media personalities they can rely on. Moreover, fact-checking is a must.

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