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All You Need To Understand About Greenwashing

All You Need To Understand About Greenwashing

Greenwashing is the marketing stunt of companies claiming that their products are eco-friendly but are actually not. It could take many different forms, like using eco-friendly licensing logos, providing inaccurate information, or lacking sustainability. Some of it may seem unintentional while others do it intentionally.

All You Need To Understand About Greenwashing

In the environmentally conscious world that we have today where more people care about advocacies, many companies incorporate eco-friendliness in their products. However, are they actually doing it or just seeing and using these initiatives as marketing publicity to make a profit?

First and foremost, just because a product or a company does a green initiative, does not mean that they are actually becoming eco-friendly for the environment. Many exaggerate their credentials and that they are doing everything to go green. From basic necessities, clothes, furniture, etc. it is now part of almost every business model to add environmental aftereffects of a product supplied by evidence. However, some provide false claims or lack of information in doing so, as to not damage their product and business. The most common way of company greenwashing is through misleading information and exaggeration.

Furthermore, there are companies that are truly doing green initiatives but there are many more using it as a stunt. Many companies have been accused of greenwashing, and many have paid the price by paying fines, but at what cost? You pay fines to environmental groups that will use the money to save Mother Earth. But, how much damage did the company do to Earth by producing such a product and falsifying its description as eco-friendly or sustainable?

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Whether companies do it intentionally or not maybe because of a lack of information, then it is up to you to prevent greenwashing.

Become a skeptic, question the products, and read their descriptions. Become a consumer that is conscious of everything you would like to purchase. To determine whether the description is legitimate or not, you can try looking at the eco-friendly seals at the back. You only need to look up the seal online to confirm your presumptions. While licensing is different from country to country and company to company, it is important to check the details of the licensing company as well.

To continue, without your skepticism, these companies may run rampant in their greenwashing mechanics on their products. Some of them actually do their best in giving information and doing sustainable practices, most of the work comes down to you. Money is what keeps people in the world going, but the world will not last given the current ways companies handle environmental concerns just so they can make a huge profit.

Don’t believe every piece of information thrown at you, do your research. We have many green advocacies and initiatives. However, we lack performers. People and companies should work together to make the world a better place. Cherish Mother Earth, if not, it won’t last.

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