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Transform Your Playlist Into Art with The 1975

Transform Your Playlist Into Art with The 1975

The tyranny of freedom now reigns over pop music, which was once governed by restriction and conformity. Technology has dissolved barriers between influence and taste, creating a wealth of artistic possibilities. Bands, such as The 1975, have enthusiastically embraced the independence more than any other mainstream act. Their discography overflows with distinctive melodies which push the limits of mainstream sound, making music as art. When we say transform, you better believe us that The 1975 can exquisitely transform your playlist into art.

Transform Your Playlist Into Art with The 1975

Sincerity is Scary

Let’s start with this funky vibe song with harmonious backing vocals. You might sway the first time you listen to Sincerity is Scary but there’s more to it. Simply expressed, this song discusses how many people today feel scared to be sincere. It reflects on communication in modern culture and how, regrettably, irony often takes precedence over honesty and sincerity.

Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

Alert! Do not be deceived by the smooth backing vocals and upbeat instrumentals of this song. Because the lyrics contain a hidden message that, when carefully listened to, reveals the past addiction of their frontman Matty Healy. The juxtaposition of The 1975’s “Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” definitely made it into the list. Even the insane theme in music video production is genuinely a work of art!

Change of Heart

The 1975 doesn’t hesitate to experiment with unique instruments to create a distinctive sound. It details the phases of falling out of love. You begin to see them for who they really are rather than who you imagined they were when you were infatuated. You can literally hear a theremin-like sound that actually came from a portamento keyboard. Now you can call that creative!

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Just to remind you again that The 1975 is not a pop band, here’s a dazzling song by them, “Girls.” The song bursts with the catchy melody in the guitars and the addictive beat hammering in both the bass and drums! Who doesn’t want a taste of pop through a rock-indie band, right?

I’m In Love With You

The 1975 has returned with a new love song! Perhaps a little late for the summer, but it’s never too late for a warm love anthem. You can feel the dedication of expressing the singer’s love for their significant other with both the lyrics and the song’s playful vibe. On the other hand, the music video depicts two mimes in a mime hamlet falling in love with one another. They just want to let them know that they’re in love!

Alrighty! It looks like you can proceed now to add these The 1975s songs to your playlist to turn them into art!

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