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Milk Tea on Sticks from Joyice

Milk Tea on Sticks from Joyice

On scorching hot days, I can’t resist the rich-flavored ice creams that melt in mouth and bust its flavorful inside. At the same time, I can’t help myself but give in to the refreshing delights of milk teas. I am consistently torn between these two. Well, thanks to Joyice, my sweet tooth can now enjoy all in one stick!

Introducing Joyice Pearl Milk Tea

When I first heard of this sweet fusion, my mind was caught in confusion trying to imagine how it would look and taste like. I even thought of sinkers falling from the ice cream, the moment I take it out from the packaging. But the experience was the complete opposite of what I expected when I was handed the Joy Ice Pearl Milk Tea!

Its caramel patterns made it look even more appetizing as it surrounds the whole ice cream. As it neatly and perfectly drips around, I am reminded of the sweet caramel drizzle in my favorite milk tea. Moreover, the black pearls that securely top this creamy fusion adds to a leveled up experience from this sweet combination. While allowing the ice cream to melt within, one could also enjoy the chewy tapioca pearls that completes the milk tea encounter.

Enjoying the Fresh Fusion

After fulling myself with mouthwatering dishes for lunch, the hot afternoon made me crave for some refreshing cool desserts. Come the Joyice Pearl Milk Tea Ice Cream. I actually didn’t know what to expect from it, because this fusion is definitely new both to my knowledge and taste palette. And most of the time, new, risky, and experimental combinations lead to a not-so-perfect experience.

But Joyice Pearl Milk Tea ice cream was different! It gave the perfect combination and balance of our childhood favorite popsicles and the trendy milk teas of today. It refreshes and at the same time satisfies the many cravings of my sweet tooth all at once. More than anything, with this smart fusion from Joyice, all ages will surely enjoy this treat anywhere and anytime.

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Beyond their mission

As Joyice continues to strive in the Philippine ice cream market, the brand remains true to their mission: to make childhood sweeter and cooler for every child. But with this new product that they are introducing to the Filipino palette, I am certain that they are doing beyond their mission. They also add to the sweet and cool experience even of those who are already into the journey of adulthood.

As someone who in challenging times finds comfort in sweets, this pearl milk tea ice cream is a treat. It gave me refreshment amid my busy and exhausting days. Joyice brought me to a delightful journey, serving me both my go-to sweets at once and for as low as 10 pesos SRP. Moreover, it made me go back to my younger days when the only struggle I have was to choose an ice cream flavor.

Every child deserves a childhood that is as sweet and as cool as everybody else’s. And Joyice, giving us this Pearl Milk Tea Ice Cream fusion, delights both the young and young at hearts.

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