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Arashi’s English debut single is Bruno Mars written and produced

Arashi’s English debut single is Bruno Mars written and produced


Top J-pop idols Arashi released its newest single “Whenever You Call” last September 18, and it’s entirely sung in English. The ballad which features a slow down-tempo is written and produced by international singer/producer, Bruno Mars.

The collaboration marks the band’s third time working with foreign artists after releases of singles “Turning Up” and “In The Summer.” Both singles were released digitally and have about fifty percent of their lyrics written in English.  

However, their latest song begs to differ as it is entirely penned and sung in English. It signifies the band’s attempt to reach out to their fans globally and express feelings about their nearing hiatus. Arashi announced in January last year that they will be suspending their group activities by the end of 2020. Hence, a part of the song’s lyrics read:

We don’t have to be together

We could even be a thousand miles apart

This, I promise you forever

I’ll always be the light that gets you out the dark

In an Instagram post, member Jun Matsumoto wrote that “Whenever You Call” is a song about their connection to the fans. He hopes that the song “can be a ray of light for all who hear it.”

The single also came with a music video release which has now over three million YouTube views. It showcased elegant nightscapes of Tokyo and members dancing in sparkly black suits.

“Bruno, thank you so much for this wonderful song! Definitely check out the music video, everyone! You can really feel the essence of ‘Tokyo.’ It’s truly a music video from ‘Tokyo, Japan.’ I’ve never felt more how much Tokyo Tower is a symbol of our city,” member Sho Sakurai wrote on Twitter.

Listen and watch their newest hit below:


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