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5 Easy Ways To Level Up Your Pancit Canton For Midnight Snacks!

5 Easy Ways To Level Up Your Pancit Canton For Midnight Snacks!

As Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero song goes, …midnights become my afternoons, and night owls can relate! Sometimes, we can’t help but to binge-watch Netflix shows, or we’re just simply more productive at night. Therefore, there’s nothing better than giving in to the temptation of midnight snacking with none other than a classic Pinoy favorite—Instant Pancit Canton.

The Lucky Me Pancit Canton has five different variations: Original, Kalamansi, Extra Hot Chili, Chilimansi, and Sweet & Spicy. All of these are already scrumptious alone, but in case you’re a little adventurous and want to upgrade your good old noodles, we’ve got every mouth-watering recipe you need.

Note: Don’t worry, all flavor variants of Lucky Me Pancit Canton are safe to eat in moderation as per the Food and Drug Association (FDA).

5 Easy Ways To Level Up Your Pancit Canton For Midnight Snacks!

Korean Style

YouTube | Jenny’s Cookery

No Korean ramen in your pantry at midnight? We got you! Prepare a pan and cook the Extra Hot Chili Pancit Canton variant for 3-5 minutes. Once done, set it aside and sauté the garlic. If it becomes golden brown, put in the seasonings and add ¼ cup of water. Add sugar for some sweetness, and gochujang chili paste for that Korean spice! Last step: bring in the pre-cooked noodles and mix well. Mashita (Delicious)!

Carbonara Style

YouTube | Hello Fatima

Pre-cook your Original pancit canton. Put the oil from the pack in a pan to sauté garlic, onion, and ham or luncheon meat. Add ½ evaporated milk and dissolve 1 tbsp. of cornstarch. Next, add the remaining seasonings and mix well. Once cooked, pour the sauce into your noodles and garnish with either cheese or basil. From basic midnight snack to Italian bougie real quick!

Pancit Canton with Tuna

YouTube | Egon Terang

Sauté garlic and onions in your pan and drop a canned tuna of your choice. Sauté everything together and put the pre-cooked pancit canton and its seasonings. This is best served with egg but can be optional. Say what? It’s so special that it can be your ulam too. *wink*

See Also

Garlic Butter Pancit Canton

YouTube | Yummy Ph

If you’re into nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness in your pancit canton, then this is meant for you. Simply put minced garlic and 50g of butter in a pan. Then mix it with your pre-cooked Original variant of pancit canton, add the seasonings, and top with either chili flakes or cheese.

Cheesy Pancit Canton

YouTube | Jen Masalonga

For this recipe, simply add one cup of water to a pan and bring to boil your Extra Hot Chili variant (or any flavor of your choice). Put the seasonings and drop an easy melt or grated cheese and mix until it has a thick texture. Then serve. Yup, no sauté needed. It’s so easy you can almost do it with your eyes closed!

What’s your favorite Pancit Canton recipe?

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