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Debunking BPO Stereotypes

Debunking BPO Stereotypes

The Business Process Outsourcing industry has become a popular career choice for Filipinos nowadays. Individuals have a desire to work in this sector for various reasons. Just like other careers, there are lots of stereotypes in this industry as well. Let’s take a look at what a newbie can expect in this line of work by debunking the stereotypes in the BPO industry.

1. BPO is just about answering calls.

Call center agents are how people usually address employees who work in a BPO company. However, not every BPO employee is answering calls. In this industry, there are voice accounts where a person spends most of their time accepting calls. Meanwhile, an employee from a non-voice account is in charge of providing chat or email assistance.

2. It’s a no-brainer job.

The majority of BPO companies have a string of tests and interviews that applicants must complete in order to be employed. This means that having strong English communication skills alone won’t secure you a spot. This job requires problem-solving skills when the agent is handling tricky customer concerns. The majority of employees’ duties involve answering phones, but they also have monthly quotas that they must meet. Sometimes there is not a large call or job queue, thus it is up to the employee to plan how to reach the monthly target quota. Given that foreign clients make up the majority of the BPO industry, the language barrier becomes an even bigger problem.

3. Careers here are stagnant.

Most people think that entering BPO companies will not open opportunities for career growth. But actually, it requires passion if you really like to build your career in this industry. Doors for promotions are open, whether you would like to be a Team Manager, Operations Manager, Trainer, and many more.

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Entering the BPO industry is a great way to start your career. Plus, it is one of the high-paying jobs nowadays. It would also help you utilize and learn more about your communication and basic computer skills. Who knows, this industry might promote you to a higher position that would bring out the best in your career.

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