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Why I Love Cutting My Hair Into A Pixie Cut

Why I Love Cutting My Hair Into A Pixie Cut

I love changing my hair. I had long black hair. Then, I colored them brown before cutting them all off and dyeing them pink. Due to the pandemic, it went longer and the pink began fading away into a bleached blonde color. So, I dyed it pink again. I grew tired of having long hair and cut it into a pixie cut. After a year, it grew longer into a bob and reached past my shoulders. However, I just recently cut it all off again into a pixie cut. And, I think I love the pixie cut more than the other hair cuts and hairstyles I’ve done before.

Why I Love Cutting My Hair Into A Pixie Cut

A pixie cut looks timeless.

It looks flattering on most face shapes and makes a bold statement. I also think that a pixie cut gives me a bold, modern, and fashion-forward look. It’s just iconic for me as it makes me feel cool and edgy, drawing attention to my eyes. 

Plus, pixie cuts are perfect for women of all ages. As a twenty-something young woman, it looks striking to me. Meanwhile, older women with grey hair make them look sleek and absolutely powerful. 

Easy to maintain.

A pixie cut doesn’t require much styling or maintenance. I can just add some messy texture with styling products for a casual feel. Or, I could try a sophisticated side part for a more polished look. I can just pair my hair with glammed-up make-up for a feminine look. Sometimes, I just keep it natural with a bare face for a more androgynous appeal. 

I have thick hair and it remains a match made in heaven with a pixie cut. The cropped length makes my hair more manageable. It also helps with drying my hair more quickly and making it simpler to style. The choppy pieces also give my hair some dimension. Plus, it’s versatile. If I ever wanted to, I can just dye my hair into another color for a more vibrant look. Or, if I ever wanted to, I can do an undercut to achieve a more rebellious vibe. 

A pixie cut allows me to have fewer migraines.

Having migraines became one of the reasons why I cut my hair into a pixie style. It’s important to note that migraines and headaches are different. Headaches cause pain in the head, face, or upper neck. It varies in frequency and intensity. My migraines, on the other hand, remain extremely painful and become more intense and debilitating than headaches. 

My migraines are triggered by the heat, flashing lights, loud sounds, and so much more. It hinders me from enjoying a few things in life. Sometimes, pain relief medicine doesn’t work on migraines. So, the only relief I can give myself is sleeping in a cold and dark room. However, that doesn’t work every time. Sometimes, I would wake up and still feel the migraine throbbing against both my left eye and left temple.

My migraines cause affect my vision, touch, and even speech. Sometimes, my vision blurs and it gives me vertigo, making me so nauseous that I would even vomit. It also causes numbness and tingling that radiates to my face. It affects my ability to communicate that I would sometimes slur or jumble my speech. I would also have trouble thinking clearly as I would have difficulty understanding what others say. 

When I had a pixie cut last year, I realized that I don’t get too many migraines as it stops the heat from getting trapped within my thick hair. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of migraines due to a lot of reasons (which include the hot weather). So, to avoid triggering my migraines, I decided to go to a salon and have a pixie cut. That way, the heat won’t affect me too much.

Pixie cuts are timeless, versatile, and easy to maintain. It also allows me to go outside during the hot weather without being afraid of having migraines. If it comes to it, I think a pixie cut could become my signature haircut.

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