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The Beauty of Casiguran Aurora

The Beauty of Casiguran Aurora

Casiguran, one of the northern municipalities of the Province of Aurora, is located at the foot of the central Sierra Madre, roughly four hours from the provincial capital Baler. Because of its remoteness, it is one of the province’s least explored locations; thus, it is not unexpected that the village has retained its rawness, peacefulness, and lushness.

Casiguran has seen numerous storms, some of which were big enough to destroy coastal villages. But, thanks to the natural resiliency of its people, the town has held up numerous times.

Casiguran contains all the historical, cultural, and natural sites you wish for. With that, below are the top tourist attractions that you should visit and experience.

Casapsapan Beach 

Photo from | Aurora Province Website

The beach is famous for its unrivaled fine sand and clear blue sea, which will relax you. The beach also has lovely, creamy sands, clear, sparkling waters, and five hectares of natural mangroves that will take your breath away. Here you will find a variety of resorts that provide reasonable room accommodations where you can stay overnight.

Ermita Hill

Photo from | Aurora Province Website

Ermita Hill is located in Poblacion, Casiguran. The hill’s peak provides a wonderful view of the entire Poblacion, including the dark blue coast of the bay at Casiguran and other nearby communities.

Aside from its breathtaking scenery, Ermita Hill is revered as a sacred haven for religious activities by devotees of the Miraculous Mother Mary, whose life-size figure is in a cave on the hill’s summit. The Spanish built a Watchtower to protect the town from invaders.

Cuaresma Beach 

Cuaresma Beach is a popular place for local families looking to relax on the beach. Picnics and swimming are perfect on the 2-kilometer stretch of cream-colored sand and mild incline.

Dialang Falls

Photo from | Aurora Province Website

The magnificent catch basin that the Dialang Falls cascade is set in measures about 20 feet tall. It is a three-tiered waterfall that offers a refreshing plunge into its natural pool. Before arriving, you will stroll through rice fields and coconut plantations to taste rural life. Thick orchid woodlands also border the waterfall. Here you can watch birds and other wildlife.

Casapsapan Mangrove

Casiguran’s mangrove forests are still safe. Mangrove forests contribute significantly to ecosystem services. The trees help stabilize shorelines and lessen the devastation caused by natural calamities like tidal waves and storms. They also provide food, medicine, fuel, and building materials to local communities and serve as breeding and nursing grounds for marine creatures. You can ride a banka or kayak with native guides to explore the mangroves.

See Also

Ontok Lighthouse

Photo from Batang Baler Facebook Page

Ontok Lighthouse is located in Casiguran at Cape San Ildefonso. From the summit, you can see the majestic view of Casiguran, the turquoise blue ocean on the other side, and a wide range of green tones on the other side. Below is the entry to the mysterious Twin Caves.

Dibanga Beach

Photo from | Aurora Province Website

Its distinctive coastal features result from the constant battle with the Pacific Ocean’s pounding waves. It has tunnels that pierce the underwater rock formation, forming a swimming place. Since the waves can be strong, especially during the northeast monsoon season, swimming is essentially only an option during the summer.

Tibu Rock Formation and Pool

Photo from | Aurora Province Website

A number of rock formations can be found throughout the lengthy section of Dalugan Beach. The largest and most obvious one has a natural pool for everyone to enjoy swimming in. Tibu Pool was once an inaccessible beach. Still, it gradually drew locals and is now a regular “must-see” location, especially on long weekends and holidays.

There is no question that Casiguran Aurora is a great place to relax, have fun, and discover new things.

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