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Small and Mighty: Living Big the Yves Thadeus Alimpos Way


Small and Mighty: Living Big the Yves Thadeus Alimpos Way

Yves Thadeus pushed through many odds to be where he is now. Once only dreamt of exploring the world and making people see its wonders through his photos. And among his favorite subjects are happy people amid joy, excitement, and celebration.

No matter how big or small, victories do not measure your success as a person. It is who you have become after receiving them worthy of praise.

The mightiest things can start from even the tiniest initiative or will to begin. But feeling so small while living in a big world could feel overwhelming. Throw you off course or worse, make you believe you don’t have what it takes.

Let’s take a peek through his lens and get to know Yves Thadeus Alimpos.

His inspiration

Yves Thadeus is a 20-year old photographer born and raised in Mandaue City, Cebu. He specializes in event photography. And his creativity in photography made him one of the beloved photographers known locally in Paknaan, Cebu.

Yves Thadeus
Photo Credit: Yves Thadeus Alimpos

But like other notable people, Yves was inspired by other great people. And for Yves Thadeus, he is very grateful for one.

Isa po si Sir Jeffrey Capilitan sa nagbigay nang inspirasyon sa akin para makapagpatuloy sa pag sho-shoot. Lalo na po sa mga kuha niyang sobrang gaganda.

His struggles

The bubbly and cheerful Yves Thadeus was one to appreciate life, even the hardships and obstacles that go with it. He is an only child taking good care of his mother with special needs. But more than all that, he had to endure bullying the most.

Photo Credit: Yves Thadeus Alimpos

Yves was born with a rare condition called ‘Dwarfism.’ For that reason; he was bullied a lot. Yves was never one to hold grudges and he took everything in and used it to make himself better. Instead, he wishes to impart this message for them;

Salamat po sa kanila na tinulungan akong mas palakasin ang loob ko at naipatuloy ko ang mga gusto ko.

The Making of Penumbra Captures

Yves Thadeus was once featured in GMA Cebu’s Balitang Bisdak last July 2021, which helped him soar to fame. Seeing as all his hard work has paid off, Yves was also interviewed by Deity Microphones. Soon he met important names like one of the brand ambassadors of Canon and many more.

He soon founded Yves Photography during their intramurals at the University of Cebu. An excellent friend of his then suggested changing the name to Penumbra Captures, which he has used until now. Yves was supported by the friends he met at the university, to whom he is very grateful.

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Yves Thadeus
Photo Credit: Penumbra Captures by Yves Thadeus Alimpos

Yves has a message to all the brave risk-takers;

Huwag kayong tumigil hanggang unti-unti niyong makamit ang mga pinapangarap niyo makamtan sa buhay. Kung nawawalan na kayo ng gana, itanong niyo sa inyong sarili, ‘Sa umpisa pa lang bakit pa ako sumubok?’

‘If they can’t defeat you in height, try to defeat them with your talent and skills.’

Yves Thadeus is an excellent example of a small but powerful individual. Greatness is not based shallowly on what the eyes can perceive. It is more the thought, the feeling, the drive to be the best version of yourself.

Greatness is doing your best with the things you love and feel so dang good about it. What people say doesn’t matter; your primary opponent is yourself.

Yves believed in himself when others won’t. I think it is time that you believe in yourself too.

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