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Meet Pebbles, The Oldest Living Dog

Meet Pebbles, The Oldest Living Dog

Owning a dog will bless us with many of the happiest days of our life. We, dog owners, understand that they don’t live as long as humans. Perhaps, that is the worst day that an owner fears to encounter.

Some are fortunate enough to spend more happy moments with their companions a little longer than usual. Have you ever wondered about the oldest living dog?

Meet Pebbles

Pebbles, a toy fox terrier, is the oldest dog alive granted by Guinness World Records on May 17, 2022. 

Photo | IG @pebbles_since_2000

Born on March 28, 2000, Pebbles is now 22 years old and 6 months living in South Carolina, USA to her fur parents, Bobby and Julie Gregory.

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier breed of dog with a life expectancy of 13–14 years that originated in the USA.

They are known for being playful, friendly, wise, and loyal.

Anything is paw-sible!

Before being proclaimed as the oldest living dog, Pebbles’ title was owned by a 21-year-old TobyKeith, a Chihuahua living in Florida, USA.

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After news about TobyKeith’s proclamation in April this year, Bobby and Julie realized that their fur baby, Pebbles, was older.

Photo | IG @pebbles_since_2000

So, they submitted an application for Pebbles to claim the oldest dog alive title.


Photo | IG @pebbles_since_2000

Bobby and Julie Gregory originally wanted a larger dog, but Pebbles’ personality has won over their hearts. Little did they know that over two decades later, they will share a home with a world champion.

We wish you more years filled with paw-sitivities, Pebbles, and the fam!
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