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Fitness 101:  Reasons why women should lift weights

Fitness 101:  Reasons why women should lift weights

Females why fear lifting weights? when you can your strongest version of yourself. Here’s top five reason why you should lift more weights.

Most of the women fear that lifting weights will make them bulky. To be honest, we wish it is that easy, but women have 10 to 30 less of the hormones that cause hypertrophy. It is the enlargement of muscles.

Why lift?

Despite of this circumstance, lifting weights can help the women to feel stronger, healthier and be more confident in their body.

The weights plus resistance training can benefit women in every aspect. It can be from simply comfortable with their clothes, or lifting something heavy, or being an escape form stress

These are the top five reason why you should lift more weights.

  1. Great way to lose fat.

Lifting weights can increase your body’s ability to burn fat during and after the workout. It is because the body uses more oxygen which require more caloric expenditure. Also, it helps to increase your metabolic rate. As you increase your muscle mass, your body uses more calories.

  • It strengthens your bones.

According to research, the risk of osteoporosis increases with age and women is more likely to develop it because of the menopause.It is because the ovaries stop producing estrogen. The effective way to increase bone density is resistance training. It helps to create stronger bones.

  • It reduces the risks heart diseases and diabetes.

Workout with weight will improve your cardiovascular health that will help to lower your blood pressure. Also, it will improve the way your body processes sugar to reduce the risks of diabetes.

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  • For Anti-ageing

When the women reach 30 years old, the muscle density starts to decrease which can lead to continues as they get older and older. A proper resistance training will help you to fight the age-related loss of muscles that normally occur in women.

  • Good for mental health.

It helps us to improve our sleep, increase our energy levels throughout the day and can be a total escape. It is because when we workout or lift weight we are just focus on the routine that is why it can clear your mind.

For every woman out there, let us love our body and respect it. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t lift and stronger. You can start with two dumbbells until you reach our goal. It is hard and it takes discipline but for sure it will be worth it. Be healthy and lift heavy!

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