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Climate Report in Bacoor: Problem, Solution, and Vision

Climate Report in Bacoor: Problem, Solution, and Vision

The City of Bacoor, known as one of the fastest growing urbanized centers in the Philippines, as a result, expects to experience a severe flood crisis due to the intensified growth rate of population.

Bacoor Disaster Risk Reduction and Management stated that some of the reasons behind the continuing flooding problem of the city include defective drainage, improper disposal of plastic garbage, and an increase in water levels due to enhanced severity of the weather.


Prone to flooding

Floods are mainly caused by a different range of factors, both man-made and natural. This is one of the primary issues in our locale, the City of Bacoor, Province of Cavite. Since this is one of the low-lying areas when compared to the City of Dasmariñas Cavite, the problem of flooding caused by improper disposal of rubbish in residential areas is recurrent and/or constant.

Photo | Bacoor Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office

Usually, floods happen during heavy rains, when ocean waves come on shore, or when dams break. But, brought by the inadequate method of dumping waste that often results in clogging. As an overpopulated and urbanized area, the conversion of land to an impervious surface may significantly reduce groundwater recharge and affect the balance of the hydrologic cycle.


Repairs and Maintenance System

The flood Risk Management Project of the DPWH will improve river channels and create diversion channels from Imus to Bacoor City as the flood discharge system of the rainwater catchment basin of Bacoor.


Having organizations such as the Bacoor Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Flood Risk Management Project of the DPWH is an effective startup to progress, these evaluate and address flooding issues in the City.

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Still, it is a good beginning to address these issues in order to solve the problem rather than not arguing about it at all and just staying silent and unbothered. This will serve as a prevention for the future residents that will reside in the said city.

Always remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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