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BisRap Revolution: BisRap artists making their name in the mainstream

BisRap Revolution: BisRap artists making their name in the mainstream

Since the early 1990s, there has been a vibrant Pinoy hip-hop scene. It has risen over the last few years to dominate the Philippine charts. However, Filipino tracks have dominated the hip-hop scene. Like Bisaya, other local hip-hop tunes have been in the shadows for a very long time. But because BisRap artists are bringing Bisaya into the OPM hip-hop scene, that era will soon come to an end.

Here are 3 Bisaya rappers that are guaranteed to get you into BisRap:

The first Bisaya rapper on the list was a drummer in a local rock band before moving to the suburbs of Cebu City. His tracks, which are free of pretense and particularly appeal to Cebuanos, have propelled him to fame in the local music scene. His 2019 debut track BOGO has had over 6M views since its launch, and its music video as well. When BOGO was launched, Cookie$ was one of Spotify’s Top Hits Philippines and was the top trending artist in the Philippines.

Photo Credits: Cookie$

Additionally, his motivation to create music is straightforward. He is only chilling when he creates music. He adds that the process of creating his music was erratic and depended on his mood. It manifested with his hit song BOGO, which many social media lurkers are all too familiar with the situation that served as its inspiration.

Rap is just Cookie$’s side gig. His business pursuits are where he mostly focuses his business acumen. Despite this, Cookie$ distinguishes out by mixing his mother tongue, Bisaya, with irresistible beats and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. 


These Bisaya rappers began their careers by releasing their tunes from their homes in Dumaguete City. The Kho brothers, Fry and Murray, created Midnasty in 2001, establishing a legacy that has taken more than 20 years. Their ambition is to place Dumaguete City on the map. A second musical group named Chilled Minds Clique was eventually created in 2008 after they gained popularity. With the addition of the younger brothers Nikkho and Makoy to the group, CMC eventually plays a significant role in the growth of the Midnasty.

Photo Credits: Nik Kho

Additionally, Ar Kho, Nikkho, and Makoy of Midnasty won MTV Emerge in 2009, breaking into the nation’s music industry. A victory led to them being offered a recording deal by Apl.De.Ap of The Black Eyed Peas. Ar Kho, the younger brother of Fry and Murray, eventually join Midnasty in 2004. His distinctive sense of style gave Midnasty the chance to redefine itself. 

Midnasty then release their multi-hit album Brave in 2015. The record went on to receive over 100,000,000 streaming and views across several platforms. With an eye toward global music success, Midnasty would negotiate a record deal with Warner Music Philippines in 2022.

Hero Tunguia

Van Clifford Tunguia, commonly known as Hero Tunguia, is a rapper and composer from Dipolog City who performs in Chicago. Best renowned for his lyrical assault delivery and clever comedy hip-hop style that talks about uncommon issues. He co-founded the rap group Nopetsallowed and Rebel Doggs in 2007. It finally sparked a new age of Visayan lyrical hip-hop, although critics were divided by its vulgar, bizarre, and occasionally sexual humor.

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Photo Credits: Hero Tunguia

Locally, his album garnered favorable reviews, and through word-of-mouth, it steadily traveled to surrounding regions of the Visayas and Mindanao. In November 2020, Hero secured a contract with Warner Music Philippines to join the Rebel Doggs roster. Due to his distinctive flow and lyrical skills on the mic, Hero is one of the Visayan hip-most hop’s well-known performers.

Lest we forget

Undoubtedly, the hip-hop scene in the Philippines has been active and is among the most popular music genres. It has been producing hitmakers with names like Gloc-9, Ez Mill, Abra, and Shanti Dope among others. There is always an audience eager to listen to OPM rappers. Since then, Filipinos have been in love with hip-hop.

With their rhythms and flows, these three BisRap artists have also been establishing themselves in the scene. Meanwhile, let’s support them in serving as a platform for other regional musicians around the country to keep making a name for themselves in the OPM scene. Put on your headphones and play a few songs from these BisRap artists the next time you want to enjoy the vibrant sounds of the Philippines!

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