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The Funny Struggles of a Titang–Ina

The Funny Struggles of a Titang–Ina

Have you heard the word “titang – ina?” Or are you already one? In the Philippines, taking care of your siblings’ kids has become normal. Maybe because they work, have somewhere to go to, or just because. As the youngest in the family, I have a ton of experience looking out for my nieces and nephews. Some were funny, some were not, but after all, it was fulfilling to see them grow in you.

If you are a proud titang – ina, chances are you have experienced the struggles of being one. Here, I’ve listed six of them to prepare you if you are just going to be one and to say that I relate to you if you are already one.

Avoidance of Spicy Snacks

Spicy foods are not advisable for kids since they can cause irritation to their digestive system. Since you are looking for them, it is unavoidable to not cook something that you both can enjoy. And being the older and the titang – ina as you are, you have to put up with it and have the same food as them though against your will.

Full Phone Storage of Downloaded Cocomelon Videos

To keep them entertained, they have to watch something or get busy with it. Many may agree that Cocomelon, for kids, is the funniest to watch. Apart from its colorful visuals, they get to learn from the repetitive nursery rhymes. So, instead of an album of your favorite boy bands and Korean drama Oppas, JJ, the boy with hair and the main character in Cocomelon will welcome you.

Lack of Privacy

They barge into your room whenever they want like it is their own. They sleep beside you without permission and use your things without asking. It was all fine, not until they break something you value.

School Project Consultant / Instant Teacher

You become a painter, a writer, and suddenly a Science teacher whenever they have to replicate the Solar System. From naming and organizing their things to writing their excuse letters. Although you have a lot on your plate, you have no choice but to help since you are the only one they can run to.

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Off–Camera and Microphone during Virtual Meetings

Today that we all work and study in a remote environment, and we conduct meetings virtually as well. Given their uncontrollable noise and how they roam around the room, it is better to turn off your camera and microphone while on call.

Misunderstood as the Parent

This would be the funniest struggle of a titang – ina. Whenever you go out, people misjudge you for being the parent, and you have no choice but to let them. It was not like you could tell everyone that you were just the tita.

After recalling my titang – ina experiences, I cannot help but smile and imagine the times I was in that situation. Being a titang – ina is indeed a challenging yet memorable moment. Those precious times are the best to tell when they grow old. For the nephews and nieces out there, Titang – Ina will forever root for you. Fighting!

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