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TECNO aims to achieve a more inclusive camera technology

TECNO aims to achieve a more inclusive camera technology

TECNO is a premium smartphone brand focused on emerging markets, recently partnered with BBC StoryWorks. They created the short film, The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO. This is for them to explore how mobile camera lens provides inclusive mobile camera technologies to local consumers.

According to photographer, Justin Amoafo,

“Cameras have evolved over the years, but unfortunately, it feels like the technology isn’t created with everyone in mind. As a photographer, I think one of the most intimate things you can do is take a portrait of someone. Something that accurately portrays who they are.”

This is where TECNO comes into the picture. It envisions a world where inclusive phone design can help form communities. They also aim to connect people with one another and ensure no one is left behind.

In the film, TECNO illustrates why portrait imaging is its most ground-breaking technology. It has empowered users of dark skin tones to realize all possibilities of expression. 

TECNO has made a significant impact in resolving the technical challenges. Those with regard to exposure, colors, and hues in portrait photography. This is based on innovations that can significantly increase light intake. Also, looking at an enormous database that covers 7 skin types across 76 skin categories

Meanwhile, in TECNO TAIVOS Camera Lab, more than 3,000 local samples with approximately 6,120 evaluation scenarios spanning 115 countries enable the camera lab team possible to focus on localized ethnic research, social aesthetic ideology, and aesthetic preference research.

This is to make the experience of product image effect direction conform to the localized trends. All these innovations bring users technology that they do not have to adapt to, but that instead accommodates for them. 

Li Jiangtao, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and head of TECNO TAIVOS™ Camera Lab., said,

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“The future Lens is the world without limit. Technology should include everyone and let us to be our true selves, instead of being depicted through a subjective lens . I believe that it should be the mission of humans to create the technology that is more understanding and inclusive of all of us.”

TECNO is a rising innovator in mobile camera technology. It devotes itself through an inclusive and emerging market-specific approach to bringing its “Future Lens” camera concept to consumers. 

The brand’s continuous innovations have encapsulated its brand essence. That is “Stop At Nothing” and the inclusive future they want to create. Also, what contributed are their initiatives to develop cameras that function at a professional level. Lastly, the impact of these efforts on progressive young consumers

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