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Perfect Food Spots Around Some Well-Known Universities

Perfect Food Spots Around Some Well-Known Universities

As the face-to-face classes come to life once again, students search for perfect spots to hang out or fill in their tummies. Cafeterias and any food spots commonly are occupied during students’ free and vacant time. With that, I will be guiding you to some of the perfect food spots along some of the well-known universities in the Philippines.

Big Belly’s in UPLB

If you are an Isko looking for an affordable food spot around the campus, look no further. Big Belly’s is located in Katigbak Dormitory, University of the Philippines – Los Banos, Los Banos, Laguna. Students from the UP Los Banos can enjoy this food spot that offers a very wide array of choices. 

For sure you do not want to miss some of their all-time favorites like Shawarma Special Rice, Crispy Sisig Bowl, Belly Pares, and many more. Aside from that, Big Belly’s also serves breakfast dishes like Adobo, Tocino, Longganisa, and other commonly known breakfast staples. Big Belly’s guarantees you that each serving will truly satisfy you to the core.

Photo | Big Belly’s FB Page

24 Chicken Food Spot

A chicken-addicted dream will finally be fulfilled. 24 Chicken, known for its obsession to serve the perfect fried chicken, suits every student’s needs. Fortunately, students from Far Eastern University have the opportunity to try out this luxurious yet affordable chicken food spot. 

This food spot offers a lot of flavor options for its customers. Starting from the original chicken, they also offer Jack Daniels Chicken, Lemon Glaze Chicken, Garlic Chicken, and many more offerings. If you want a treat to bring around your campus, make sure to visit any 24 Chicken branches near you. 

Photo | Jontotheworld

Master Buffalo in PUP Sta. Mesa

Ever experienced an Isko or Iska smelling like Master Buffalo upon entering the campus? Well, that is usually because the Polytechnic University of the Philippines houses one of the Master Buffalo branches nearby. The said food spot can be located near the PUP – College of Engineering building. 

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Much like the 24 Chicken menu, they also offer a lot of chicken wings-inspired dishes. Amongst the dishes are Honey Mustard, Korean Soy, Garlic Parmesan, and many more wings flavors. Diners can have the option to dine in or bring their food along and enjoy it inside the campus premises.

Photo | Yummy
Poy Pares

Pilots and crews need a filler before going on a flight. A hot and satisfying Mami and Pares soup would surely fill their needs. Poy Pares is located at Villamor Airbase in Pasay City. Students from the Philippine State College of Aeronautics indulge in this delicious food spot. 

Established last 2020, Poy Pares serves different kinds of hot soups like Pares and Mami. Aside from that, customers can adjust their own orders to their liking. They have the option to add up rice, meat, and other side condiments for the soup. This food spot is perfect for students who want an affordable meal for a satisfying amount of food.

Photo | Poy Pares FB Page
Shot | Tontonphotography

Affordable yet delicious meals certainly give an impact on students. As we transition to a face-to-face setup of learning, pave a visit to another local food spot near your campus. Let us support our local businesses whilst enjoying their delicious treats for this season.

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