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Museo Dabawenyo: Davao City in 50 objects

Museo Dabawenyo: Davao City in 50 objects

A room about Davao and its inhabitants — that is Museo Dabawenyo, with 50 objects made by and/or from Davaoeños inside. You could interact with or touch them although be careful not to damage anything.

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Museo Dabawenyo: Davao City in 50 objects

Museo Dabawenyo is located at University Ave., Juna Subd., Matina Davao City. Within the vicinity of Hardin Food Park & Garden as well as Mt. Apo Baptist Church.


There are no admission fees. Open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and closed on Sundays and holidays.

Tribes of Davao

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Here, you can find replicas of what the first people of Davao used to wear. Each one on a bust with a placard that explains the names of their tribes and the kind of people they were before the country’s modernization.

A trip to Davao’s past

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

In the museum, they kept a number of artifacts from before foreign occupation until our subsequent occupation by the Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese in Davao. They also kept artifacts from Davao’s revolution against the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War 2 and the reconstruction after the war.

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Davao creatives

Victorio Edades’ Rosa Munda (left) and Ang Kio Kuk’s Still Life Durian (right)

While the first half of the floor is dedicated to the Davao tribes and the past, the second half is all art pieces and artifacts that helped make Davao known in the Philippines and around the world.

Much of the sculptures and paintings feature some of the notable gods and goddesses of the Bagobo tribe. They were made by some of the well-known Davaoeño artists like Ang Kiu Kok featuring motifs and subjects from Davao.

For more information and inquiries check Museo Dabawenyo’s website or message them on Facebook.

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