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Cherry Mobile unveiled two Android Go tablets: Superion S2 and S2+

Cherry Mobile unveiled two Android Go tablets: Superion S2 and S2+

A lot of students are searching for affordable learning devices. Especially now since they are depending on technology for their online classes. To answer this need, Cherry Mobile launched two entry-level tablets, Superion S2 and S2+

Great devices for homeschooling needs

First off, the  Superion S2 is an ultra-budget device that is powered by Android 10 (Go edition). It is designed as a homeschooling and multimedia consumption. It features a crisscross-like textured pattern at the back for better grip in Black, White, and Red colors, a 7-inch display with WSVGA 1020 x 600 resolution, 28nm 1.4GHz SC7731E quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB expandable storage via microSD card up to 64GB, and 2,500mAh battery capacity.

At the back, it also has a 5MP camera. In the front, it uses a 2MP shooter that you can use for Zoom calls and other forms of video calling. The tab also has WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and a SIM slot.

As said earlier, it runs with Android 10 (Go edition) OS. This is the lightweight version of Android with lightweight apps designed to run on devices with at least 512MB RAM. The device measures at 163.8 x 97 x 10.26 mm and weighs 280 grams.

Similar to its sibling, Superion S2+ has a crisscross-like textured pattern back design in Black and White colors. But instead of Red, the third color is in Blue.

In front, Cherry Mobile equips this one with an 8-inch display with clearer HD 1280 x 800 resolution. Under the hood, it runs by the same 28nm 1.4GHz SC7731E quad-core processor and 16GB expandable storage up to 64GB via microSD card slot.

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However, it comes with bigger 2GB RAM for more seamless multitasking and overall performance. In addition to that,  it packs a 4,000mAh battery capacity with micro USB charging.

For cameras, it also has a 5MP main cam and 2MP front cam for video calls. It also has WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and a SIM slot. It measures at 147.7 x 184 x 10.26 mm. The device weighs 350 grams.

The S2 variant is available for PHP 2,999 only while the S2+ costs PHP 3,699. You can order them at Cherry Mobile’s online store.

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